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Libratone introduces clean Bluetooth speakers

Just in time for spring and the 10th anniversary, Libratone is releasing a new Bluetooth speaker: BIRD.  Based on Libratone's logo, it was designed in the form of a bird. According to the manufacturer, it comes friendly and colorful with a lot [...]

Sharkoon Announces Four New Gaming Products

Sharkoon has presented four new accessories for gamers at CES. The new line includes a backpack, the SKILLER SGP2 XXL mouse mat, the X-Rest ALU headset stand and the ELITE SHARK WR200 wristrest.

Havit Bilateral True Wireless Headset under review

As mentioned in my review of the 1More Bluetooth speaker, I'm quite an audio snob. For me, the sound really has to be right, which is why I met this very cheap Bluetooth headset with skepticism at first. Skeptical, but without prejudice. The [...]

AVerMedia LiveStreamer MIC 133: Surprisingly good and cheap

After Igor recently tested the Speedlink Volity Ready and was more disappointed with the product, I admittedly had some concerns about how good a microphone for less than 60 euros, the AVerMedia livestreamer MIC 133, could be. But you like to be [...]

NZXT expands product portfolio with new audio peripherals

NZXT has announced the launch of its first audio product line for gamers. The product range includes the Wired AER Headset with Hi-Res Certification, the STND Headset Stand and the MXER Audio Controller. All components come in a minimalistic design.

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