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Wavemaster Cube Neo Bamboo review – 2.0 system for cuddly corners

The Wavemaster Cube sold quite well in a simple retro design, but always only foiled, bland black or white on a body of boring MDF? With the new Wavemaster Cube Neo, the manufacturer now offers a worthy successor, but not only the optics have changed decisively. That you have adapted somewhat to [...]

Fully against the wall (blasted): Logitech G560 2.1 system in test

With the G560, Logitech offers a new Lightsync-based 2.1 gaming speaker system that not only puts pressure on the ears, but also provides real-time Ambilight-like backlighting. The Anli... Default: Out-of-The-Box As we test audio, we have e.g. in the basic article "Gaming Headsets: Myth, Truth [...]

In review: Sound BlasterX Katana – An evening at the sound bar

The Katana ("Shinken") as a Japanese longsword, like the soundbar, is definitely not a double-edged thing. And if one were to look at the soundbar without the subwoofer in front of his spiritual eye, then the slender, elongated part would be simmering. Measurements with different settings [...]