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Steelseries Apex 5 in review: mechanical gaming keyboard with many features

The Steelseries Apex 5 is a mechanical, RGB-lit gaming keyboard with a small OLED display. It can be purchased for around 130€ from the usual dealers and thus sits relatively in the middle of the now quite high price premium for mechanical gaming keyboards. So far, so well known. But what might [...]

Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO keyboard in review

Having recently been fully immersed in a world of Cherry MX switches and ultralight mice, I was very excited about these two Roccat products.  On the Vulcan keyboard because I had no experience with Roccat's own Titan Switches. And on the Cain, because I had already become so accustomed to my [...]

XPG Summoner – Softwareless at premium price

ADATA XPG first tries out a mechanical keyboard with original Cherry switches, does not need to adapt to software and wants to cover all preferences with MX Speed Silver, Red and Blue. Recipe for success or lukewarm broth?

Cooler Master SK630 and SK621 in test

Personally, I was very excited about these two mechanical keyboards from Cooler Master, as I have been using the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S for years and am very satisfied with them. The two models not only have different layouts and sizes, but also very different features. The larger one is [...]

Cooler Master SK650 in review: Can the premium keyboard convince?

If you are interested in mechanical keyboards in this day and age, you will have heard of Cherry. Cooler Master launches a mechanical low profile keyboard that is less voluminous than other keyboards with normal mechanical keys thanks to the new Cherry MX low profile switches.