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Havit Bilateral True Wireless Headset under review

As mentioned in my review of the 1More Bluetooth speaker, I'm quite an audio snob. For me, the sound really has to be right, which is why I met this very cheap Bluetooth headset with skepticism at first. Skeptical, but without prejudice. The Havit True Wireless Headset is a Bluetooth InEar [...]

1More Quad Driver review – In-ears that are simply fun | igorsLAB

I honestly admit it, because I didn't want to test the Quad Driver from 1More (model E1010) out of misunderstood objectivity. Because I have had a rather divided relationship with In-Ears for years, which could not really rip me off the stool either ton or ergonomically. Even though we as a [...]

Sharkoon B1 Stereo Headset in review – cheap, cheap or cheap?

The Sharkoon B1 is now already open for less than 40 euros. And if you follow Sharkoon's philosophy that can't break, which isn't even in the first place and that all of this is packed (also visually) acceptable, then you can be curious. It should be clear now that you can't expect [...]