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Sharkoon B1 Stereo Headset in review – cheap, cheap or cheap?

The Sharkoon B1 is now already open for less than 40 euros. And if you follow Sharkoon's philosophy that can't break, which isn't even in the first place and that all of this is packed (also visually) acceptable, then you can be curious. It should be clear now that you can't expect [...]

Srhythm NC25 – Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with ANC in Bargain Check

Between 30 and almost 60 euros, depending on the source and discount situation, you have to look for the NC25. From time to time you get it, like me, on Amazon for just under 30 euros with discount code. And since I'm not very vain (at least not with something like that), the NC25 was allowed [...]

JBL E55BT – Bluetooth headphones in hands-on test

Three weeks ago I bought these headphones. I also had the predecessor S50BT, but i just had to come up with something new! But how well does the successor perform? What has gotten better and perhaps even worse? And are they actually worth their price? The new Bluetooth headphones inherit their old [...]