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SoundPeats Engine 4 True Wireless In-Ears in the test – evolution instead of revolution! But in favorable.

We have already tested several inexpensive in-ears from the Chinese manufacturer SoundPeats, and so far they have all scored with a decent price-performance ratio and rich bass. New models are tirelessly introduced to the market and with the Engine 4, enough new features have been added that I dared to take another look. To the manufacturer itself [...]

Repair of a crumbled Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro and lab measurement of a completely messed up mechanical sounding

You probably remember my Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headset, which simply destroyed itself in storage completely without use and which I had as article published last week. Being a sustainable person, I fixed the part today at my expense after having to wait a few days for the parts. The test will have to prove whether it was worth it – on [...]

Cooler Master CH331 USB Gaming Headset Review – Fits, doesn’t wobble, but has a lot room for improvement

With the CH331, COOLER MASTER positions another inexpensive headset in the very competitive budget range. The 45€ device is sent into the ring with decent workmanship and essential features. We want to find out in the test whether it is simply cheap or actually worth the price. Headsets in the €50 range are a dime a dozen, and in times where even [...]