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Libratone introduces clean Bluetooth speakers

Just in time for spring and the 10th anniversary, Libratone is releasing a new Bluetooth speaker: BIRD.  Based on Libratone's logo, it was designed in the form of a bird. According to the manufacturer, it comes friendly and colorful with a lot of intuitive features.

Havit Bilateral True Wireless Headset under review

As mentioned in my review of the 1More Bluetooth speaker, I'm quite an audio snob. For me, the sound really has to be right, which is why I met this very cheap Bluetooth headset with skepticism at first. Skeptical, but without prejudice. The Havit True Wireless Headset is a Bluetooth InEar [...]

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 in review – Bluetooth party cracker or winch?

Few people know that Logitech is actually behind the Ultimate Ears label. Whether one now feels this as an advantage or a burden is up to everyone. The whole Bluetooth products are now all somehow the same and you hardly see any really significant differences in the end. At least not at first [...]

1More Portable Bluetooth Speaker – A cheap entry into the middle class?

Before I held the Bluetooth speaker in my hands, I was frankly a little skeptical about the product. There were two reasons for this: Firstly, I am quite an audio snob, I like to listen to music, but then it should also be a good sound quality. On the other hand, I haven't found a Bluetooth [...]

1MORE E1026BT Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones in Review

Since we have looked at some products from the 1More portfolio in the past, the young brand may already be known to some of you. The company was founded only a few years ago by former Foxconn executives in China with an unspecified investment by Xiaomi Corp. After selling more than 10 million [...]

JBL E55BT – Bluetooth headphones in hands-on test

Three weeks ago I bought these headphones. I also had the predecessor S50BT, but i just had to come up with something new! But how well does the successor perform? What has gotten better and perhaps even worse? And are they actually worth their price? The new Bluetooth headphones inherit their old [...]

Wavemaster Cube Neo Bamboo review – 2.0 system for cuddly corners

The Wavemaster Cube sold quite well in a simple retro design, but always only foiled, bland black or white on a body of boring MDF? With the new Wavemaster Cube Neo, the manufacturer now offers a worthy successor, but not only the optics have changed decisively. That you have adapted somewhat to [...]

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