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Half-Life Alyx is also playable without VR headset! Mod is in preparation

Half-Life Alyx can also be played without a VR headset, according to einger sources, and the mouse and keyboard controls also seem to work quite well. The founder of Valve News Network, Tyler McVicker, recently discovered that Half-Life Alyx can be played without an annoying VR headset thanks to [...]

NZXT H1 in review – AMD Gaming-PC in mini-ITX format with Ryzen & Radeon

The part has already irritated me, if only because of the size, which should have been called small. Well, the Corsair One is completely custom loop, but here I don't have the Frickelei with the watered graphics card. On a footprint of just under 19 x 19 cm and a height of just under 39 cm, the [...]

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order for Home Office? Hardware and good mood check!

Since the launch, I have used the game for various benchmarks and have also played quite a bit myself, also in order to reach a useful benchmark scene. But the dear time often never lets you play to the end and so Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has remained like many others in the benchmark suite, but [...]

Nvidia introduces DLSS 2.0 and other features – faster, crisper, better?

Nvidia today introduces DLSS 2.0, which will bring many interesting changes, significant quality and performance improvements. Even if we only had the verbal information and the corresponding slides available to us for today, the path that Nvidia has taken can be traced quite well. Tests must prove [...]

Wireless PC Control with Nintendo Wiimote | Igors Retro

Almost 12 years ago I once published a small craft project, which now happens to have fallen into my fingers while cleaning up. Funnily enough, the Gnaze still works, because I also ripped out the old PC. Only the batteries of the controller I had to replace, the rest still ran amazingly as then.

AMD's RDNA 2 will also support DirectX 12 Ultimate on PC and console

AMD has long seen itself as a strong proponent of next-generation graphics API technologies with low overhead such as Microsoft DirectX 12, which, for example, is take games to a whole new level. Now AMD is also saying that it will partner with Microsoft to offer full support for DirectX 12 [...]

Xbox Series X: AMD bundles 16GB GDDR6 storage with 7nm Zen2 APU

Microsoft has invited renowned tech experts Austin Evans and Digital Foundry to introduce the final hardware of the Xbox Series X and talk about the development. The two had also been given the opportunity to touch the built-in hardware and to draw their first analyses of their own. Particularly [...]

E3 games fair cancelled due to Corona – Gamescom to take place

The rumours were already in full circulation last night and now it is official: The E3 2020 was cancelled due to the escalating health crisis caused by the coronavirus. The E3 organizers, the Entertainment Software Association, have issued a press release promising a refund to anyone who has [...]

Low-Budget Gaming PC 2020: Part 2 – Assembly

After the choice of the platform and the components has been made in the first part, this part is now about the assembly of the system. This is not a perfect step-by-step guide with the claim of absolute completeness, but only a loose summary in the order in which I usually mount my systems. At [...]

5Gaming – Economic and Technological Revolution

Industry analysts Newzoo expect the video game industry to generate sales of 149 billion dollars in 2019, a figure that compares with cinema and video revenue. Streaming, which IbisWorld has reported at 103 billion dollars, impresses.

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