Proton 8.0-1 is here! More games now run on Steam Play

Valve and CodeWeavers have recently released the latest version of Proton, namely Proton 8.0-1. Proton is an open source software package based on Wine and developed by Valve. It allows Linux users to play Windows games through the Steam platform without requiring a separate Windows installation. With Proton 8.0-1, many improvements and bug fixes [...]

UL Solution introduces the FSR funkion test in 3DMark

UL, a leader in benchmarking and testing, today announced news. They have released a new functional test for AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) upscaling technology. AMD FSR technology is an advanced method for improving image quality in video games. This is a type of upscaling technology that allows low-resolution games to be displayed on [...]

AMD FSR 3 FidelityFX Super Resolution technology was unveiled at GDC 2023.

AMD released material earlier this month announcing an upcoming unveiling of its next-generation FidelityFX at GDC 2023. Today the hardware company officially announced that FidelityFX Super Resolution 3.0 will be available soon. This is an important step for AMD to keep up with its rival NVIDIA, which has already launched version 3.0 of its DLSS [...]

Unsustainable: YouTuber built a 43-inch "gaming" laptop with Intel’s NUC

YouTubers Evan and Katelyn designed and made their own super-sized laptop that weighs over 100 pounds (about 45 kg). With the weight, you might wonder how it’s even possible to hold something that heavy on your lap, but for a very short time (assuming massive thighs) it might be doable (for a quick photo). This project involves a 43-inch TV [...]

SiSoftware Sandra 20/21 update brings support for AMD Ryzen 7000X3D CPUs

All three new Ryzen CPUs with 3D V-cache are now correctly detected by the software thanks to the update (2021.12.31.117) and the update brings further optimizations for hybrid (asymmetric) L3 cache designs. The update scope also includes the third 8-core model, which is supposed to be launched next month and will not be hybrid. Sandra is a [...]

AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX "Dragon Range" processor has better multi-core performance with less power consumption than Intel Core i9-13980HX

The colleagues from Notebookcheck have tested the 16-core Zen4 Raphael and tried out the brand-new ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo. Today’s review focuses only on CPU performance, with more details on gaming performance to follow later (although they have already released a teaser). According to the combined results, the flagship Ryzen 9 7945HX is [...]

NVIDIA introduces RTX Video Super Resolution technology

Owners of GeForce RTX 40 and RTX 30 GPUs can now enjoy video content with higher image quality. This is made possible by NVIDIA’s new technology announced last month: RTX Video Super Resolution. RVSR was supposed to be released in February (nothing happened at the beginning) and this promise is actually kept now. NVIDIA released the driver [...]

AMD’s Ryzen 9 7945HX 16-core laptop CPU edged out Intel’s 13th Gen Core i9 HX series in Geekbench for single-thread performance

The very first Ryzen 9 7945HX benchmark was spotted in the Geekbench database. This processor is part of AMD’s “Dragon Range” series with up to 16 Zen4 cores and 32 threads. The number of threads is just as high as in Intel’s 13th generation Core HX models. Generation, but the number of cores is lower (compared to 24). The [...]

Don’t panic! Desktop flickers after the Windows 11 update (KB5022913) and stops responding (Explorer Patcher)? The solution!

With the update KB5022913, Microsoft has once again angered the professional users who had more or less grudgingly come to terms with the new Windows 11. Apart from the fact that many useful tools have been made worse again or quite banal things from the Windows everyday life have been moved or cutted again – with the popular Explorer [...]

Moore Threads' new GPU driver doubles game support to 42 titles

There is still no word on official DirectX11 tessellation support, which means Chinese GPUs like MTT S80 will still not support many of the popular and old games. However, software development is progressing and the company has just announced that 42 games are now supported by the hardware, doubling the number since the last driver release. The [...]