AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile CPUs make Intel look old

Yesterday, AMD launched the Ryzen 4000 Mobile CPUs already presented at CES 2020. Some notebooks with the brand new chips are already available for order. Initial tests show the flagship Ryzen 9 4900H(S) is a huge leap in performance compared to the last generation. Obviously, with the same [...]

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order for Home Office? Hardware and good mood check!

Since the launch, I have used the game for various benchmarks and have also played quite a bit myself, also in order to reach a useful benchmark scene. But the dear time often never lets you play to the end and so Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has remained like many others in the benchmark suite, but [...]

Nvidia introduces DLSS 2.0 and other features – faster, crisper, better?

Nvidia today introduces DLSS 2.0, which will bring many interesting changes, significant quality and performance improvements. Even if we only had the verbal information and the corresponding slides available to us for today, the path that Nvidia has taken can be traced quite well. Tests must prove [...]

Wireless PC Control with Nintendo Wiimote | Igors Retro

Almost 12 years ago I once published a small craft project, which now happens to have fallen into my fingers while cleaning up. Funnily enough, the Gnaze still works, because I also ripped out the old PC. Only the batteries of the controller I had to replace, the rest still ran amazingly as then.

Micron introduces new uMCP: LPDDR5 and flash memory on a package

Storage manufacturer Micron today announced the launch of the sampling of selected customers with the industry's first universal flash memory (UFS), which bundles both DDR5 (LPDDR5) DRAM and flash memory on a package (uMCP), creating a lower power consumption. uMCP is primarily intended to be [...]

DDoS attack also paralyzes our server

Distributed network attacks are often performed as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which almost always use bot networks, i.e. "zombie PCs" of careless users taken over by malware. This makes a lot of things more difficult, as it is often no longer possible to make a [...]

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