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M MEMTEQ – Portable 15.6″USB monitor with IPS screen review

I had actually been thinking about an Asus ZenScreen in the same size, because I would have liked to have had a portable monitor for both the smartphone and the notebook. But this monitor doesn’t have an hour in hands-on mode, because it unfortunately had a pretty good reflection and extreme [...]

HybridDrive on Indiegogo – The world's first hub with SSD "inside"

Our forum member "Mr. Gurke" contributed a user news today and wrote about the Indiegogo project. Of course you should be happy to share in this and therefore now like to leave the sole word to the forum activist and then I'm out… Do you sometimes feel that way? You only want to [...]

AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile CPUs make Intel look old

Yesterday, AMD launched the Ryzen 4000 Mobile CPUs already presented at CES 2020. Some notebooks with the brand new chips are already available for order. Initial tests show the flagship Ryzen 9 4900H(S) is a huge leap in performance compared to the last generation. Obviously, with the same [...]

Up to 30% cheaper? AMD to attack gaming notebook market in 2020

AMD has already managed to irrevocably and sustainably break the paradigms of previous pricing in the PC industry in the desktop sector. I wrote about this yesterday in the article "Intel is modest: New Cascade Lake-X CPUs with old Skylake architecture and Threadripper 2 prices". But the [...]

Schenker introduces a new Ultrabook with Thunderbolt with the SLIM 14

Thanks to a fundamental overhaul, the new SCHENKER SLIM 14 (M18) is considerably slimmer and lighter than its predecessor: the use of a 14 inch thin-bezel display allows its integration into a particularly compact, predominantly aluminium manufactured housing. The Ultrabook uses Eighth Core Intel [...]