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Srhythm NC25 – Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with ANC in Bargain Check

Between 30 and almost 60 euros, depending on the source and discount situation, you have to look for the NC25. From time to time you get it, like me, on Amazon for just under 30 euros with discount code. And since I'm not very vain (at least not with something like that), the NC25 was allowed [...]

With bacon you don't catch mice, just fallen smartphones

If you now think I have a case study of my relatively expensive smartphone with embedded slow-motion fragmentation videos to offer, I have to disappoint. But it was just around the way. The fact that, as an an avowed hater of all smartphone condoms, I once again reach for an overcoat is due to [...]

Apple is now worth a trillion dollars (on paper)

Apple was the first private company to exceed its market value of usd 1 trillion yesterday. The share value was USD 207.05 per share. This is due to the quarterly figures presented for this purpose. These have exceeded analysts' forecasts and investor expectations. Although critics were heard [...]

Schenker introduces a new Ultrabook with Thunderbolt with the SLIM 14

Thanks to a fundamental overhaul, the new SCHENKER SLIM 14 (M18) is considerably slimmer and lighter than its predecessor: the use of a 14 inch thin-bezel display allows its integration into a particularly compact, predominantly aluminium manufactured housing. The Ultrabook uses Eighth Core Intel [...]

Apple and Samsung settle patent dispute (again)

The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung, which has been ongoing since April 2011, has now been settled (for now?). After so long, they were finally able to reach an out-of-court agreement. Details of the agreement were, of course, not disclosed, as is customary in such cases. However, the 539 [...]