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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order for Home Office? Hardware and good mood check!

Since the launch, I have used the game for various benchmarks and have also played quite a bit myself, also in order to reach a useful benchmark scene. But the dear time often never lets you play to the end and so Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has remained like many others in the benchmark suite, but [...]

Nvidia introduces DLSS 2.0 and other features – faster, crisper, better?

Nvidia today introduces DLSS 2.0, which will bring many interesting changes, significant quality and performance improvements. Even if we only had the verbal information and the corresponding slides available to us for today, the path that Nvidia has taken can be traced quite well. Tests must prove [...]

Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO keyboard in review

Having recently been fully immersed in a world of Cherry MX switches and ultralight mice, I was very excited about these two Roccat products.  On the Vulcan keyboard because I had no experience with Roccat's own Titan Switches. And on the Cain, because I had already become so accustomed to my [...]

Radeon Software AdrenalinE Edition: What is ReLive?

Those who buy a graphics card nowadays probably rarely think about which software is included in addition to the essential drivers. In this case, especially at AMD, the range of functions is extraordinarily lavish. In addition to a variety of configuration options, which include: Influencing the [...]