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Elgato Cam Link: Small, child's play and slightly expensive

Even before Elgato was acquired by Corsair, the video capturing solutions specialist offered the Cam Link as a 1080p version. As more and more cameras and cameras offer 4K output for the built-in HDMI port, the product portfolio has been updated. With the Cam Link 4K, Elgato has one of the most [...]

tile takes action against Apple over iOS13 app settings

On Friday, the 17th On January 1, a congressional hearing was held attended by representatives of PopSockets, Sonos, Basecamp and Tile. The companies testified as part of an antitrust investigation against major tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Small businesses shared [...]

New USB-C hubs from D-Link available

In line with the upcoming Christmas business, D-Link has unveiled a number of new USB-C hubs and adapters. Computers or laptops will be able to connect in a few seconds. Depending on the model, additional ports for 4K HDMI, 4K DisplayPort, 1080p VGA, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet and USB-C with power [...]

USB4 : A standard to (bind) them all?

At the moment there is some confusion about the USB port despite the "default" in the name. There are four different versions of USB 3.2 and two versions of USB 3.1. In addition, there are different specifications for the plugs and supported voltages. With USB4 everything should be better [...]

VR headsets: Valves Index is now available for pre-order

Valve offers its new VR headset with the nickname Index for pre-order. Valves Index Headset is joined by the Index Controller and the new base station: Valve Index Base Station. Valves Index Headsets at a Glance Valve is offering its new VR headset and pre-order accessories on its Steam [...]

Western Digital launches 4TB version of its Blue series

With a new 4 TB SSD from the Blue series, Western Digital is bringing a SATA SSD that is relatively lavish for consumer ratios. The information regarding the performance and the price comes from the online shop Skytech. Western Digital Blue 4TB SSD – more storage while maintaining performance [...]

AMD Introduces Next-Gen Ryzen Pro & Athlon Pro APUs

AMD has never had an easy time gaining a foothold in the laptop market. AMD aims to gain further market share with the Ryzen Pro 3000 and Athlon Pro 300 series. Up to four computing cores and an integrated Vega graphics unit are used. Focus on safety The new Ryzen Pro series is essentially based on [...]

Intel Core i7-9750H and GTX 1650 Mobility emerge

Presentation slides for Intel's new flagship Core i7-9750H processor have surfaced on the network, attest to the new Intel processor's performance of up to 28 percent more than its predecessor. The processor is paired with a NVIDIA GTX 1650 (Ti). Core i7-9750H to replace the 8750H [...]

ASUS launches a 49-inch Super Ultrawide monitor with ROG STRIX XG49VQ

Rog STRIX XG49VQ is a super-ultrawide monitor that offers a 32:9 image ratio with simultaneous DisplayHDR 400 certification and FreeSync 2 support. The vertical refresh rate is pleasantly high at 144Hz and together with FreeSync 2 ensures perfect temporal image reproduction. ROG STRIX XG49VQ at a [...]

Nvidia may be working on a new Shield box

It is becoming increasingly clear that Nvidia is working on a new Shield box including a remote control and a Shield controller. The two peripherals codenamed "Stormcaster" and "Friday" were discovered in a ROM update of the Nvidia Shield TV box. Curious glances also revealed [...]

The confusion around USB is defused with version 4.0

Intel has transferred the Thunderbolt protocol to the USB Implementers forum, which on this basis specifies the USB 4.0 standard. This allows interested manufacturers to make chips without having to pay the corresponding royalties as before with Thunderbolt. USB-4.0 is based on Thunderbolt-3 The [...]

USB 3.2 brings 20 Gbps and causes confusion

The first devices with USB 3.2 support are scheduled to go on sale later this year. The new standard supports up to 20 Gbps, which already achieves corresponding USB-TYP-C variants. However, the standard is no longer compatible with USB-A ports. News from Mobile World Congress At the congress in [...]

Micron and SanDisk Announce 1TB MicroSD Cards

The demand for more storage is a constant companion in today's fast-paced world. The amount of memory that distinguished previous SD cards may seem antiquated today when 4K, 8K or larger image formats are taken or entire libraries are to fit on the smartphone. The possibilities are more complex [...]

Samsung will no longer manufacture Blu-Ray players

The last real battle to enforce a video format was almost 10 years ago and was ultimately decided by Sony by the Blu-Ray, which pushed the HD DVD out of the market. There was no successor. The Blu-Ray brought Full HD into the living room and also had enough capacity for 4K footage. But the time of [...]

Intel buys Ineda Systems and expands its graphics division

Intel is stepping up its efforts to develop modern graphics chips with the acquisition of Ineda Systems, further expanding its graphics division. Intel wants to develop discrete graphics cards on an equal footing in the future. Some talented developers have already been hired, most notably Raja [...]

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