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Skyroam Solis the second: WiFi hotspot finally with fair use policy against data capping, with new app and more flexible data models

Does anyone remember my first test of this bright orange online WiFi box, which you find as Skyroam Solis in well-stocked online retail? I mean, good friends like to forgive some weaknesses and also my little, faithful travel companion was not without. But at least so far, he has patiently and brazenly endured everything that an annoyed editor [...]

Srhythm NC25 – Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with ANC in Bargain Check

Between 30 and almost 60 euros, depending on the source and discount situation, you have to look for the NC25. From time to time you get it, like me, on Amazon for just under 30 euros with discount code. And since I'm not very vain (at least not with something like that), the NC25 was allowed to replace the permanently oppressive Samsung Level [...]

Wavemaster Cube Neo Bamboo review – 2.0 system for cuddly corners

The Wavemaster Cube sold quite well in a simple retro design, but always only foiled, bland black or white on a body of boring MDF? With the new Wavemaster Cube Neo, the manufacturer now offers a worthy successor, but not only the optics have changed decisively. That you have adapted somewhat to the mainstream, well. That must have come at some [...]