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With an RRP of 249 USD and a street price of approx. The 1More Triple Driver plays 160 Euros in the league of the beautiful and the sound rich, at least in terms of price. Today's test has to prove whether this will be the same with the acoustic equivalent...

With an RRP of 249 USD and a street price of approx. The 1More Triple Driver plays 160 Euros in the league of the beautiful and the sound rich, at least in terms of price. Today's test has to prove whether this can be with the acoustic equivalent. You are self-confident enough and visually it is not a plastic bomb.

But you shouldn't take that too literally with the Triple Driver, because it's a new concept of passive bass membrane and reflector in the backhand and a applied high-pitched solution in front of the actual speaker. The diagram shows the structure quite nicely and you can see the 40 mm driver with the graphene membrane in the middle and the applied ceramic tweater. If so, it's probably more of a double driver with bass resonator. But gifted, I don't want to be petty.

With an impedance of 32 ohms, you can also serve the usual clientele, across from the smartphone to the PCs. So there are no big surprises in this respect.


Unboxing and scope of delivery

Let's see what's in it and what's not. The headset comes in a nice outer packaging and in a neat hard case with zipper. For this purpose, one gets a (very short) 3.5 mm jack cable (1.35m), whose headphone-side plugs were executed as a Y-connector. This is good for on the go and on the mobile device, but poor in stationary operation. The adapter on 63 mm jacks is a nice entry, but one would have better included an extension cable.


Optics, haptic functionality

As far as material selection is concerned, this is already fitting. Lots of light metal, polished, with grooves and something in gun metal look. The backs of the earcups provide a deeper insight into the interior and deceive a kind of open system with the transparent acrylic windows. Irritating, but something else. Overall, the feel and appearance are on the right track, even if the earcups are a little reminiscent of pimp rims with wide tire optics from the side.

The overall picture fits, however, especially since the foldable headphones with only 293 grams also appear rather slim. The picture gallery can certainly give a good impression:

The 2-axis joint mechanism made of light metal is solid and completely free of any criticism. You can adjust the position very well – if the head is not oversized. Otherwise it presses a little and you can already notice that Asians have rather small heads. Even those who design and produce something like this. From hat size 62 it gets a bit tight.

The headband to be adjusted in length can of course be bent a bit as usual, if you adjust it carefully enough. Then everything sits again even with large thought cases. The upholstery inside, however, is a welding driver of the very first quality and fits the winter. Especially buyers with shaken to no hair get such a hot trailer on the scalp. Only in the room and in summer it gets damp.

Unfortunately, the ear pads are made of the same PU leather imitation and they are also plentifully uncontoured padded. Too soft and too spongy to be able to play at the front acoustically. Apart from the subtropical microclimate inside after an hour of use.

The connection of the cable is easy and yet securely solved, because the shaft of both connectors is long and largely disappears in the very low-lying socket. It is nice that both sides are connected individually and you can also unplug the Y-cable. The identification in white and red on the socket and plugs follows the usual standard, which is also helpful and protects against polarity.

You can't and don't have to write more about it. If you miss the tear down and the removed ear pads, I have to disappoint. The disassembly should be left better, because if you unscrew everything at the back, the assemb becomes very fiddly. Unfortunately, the cushions cannot be removed without violence, a pity.


Technical data and manual

Before I start the test, quickly the data and eye lining in the form of the specifications. There is no digital manual.

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