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Skyroam Solis the second: WiFi hotspot finally with fair use policy against data capping, with new app and more flexible data models

Does anyone remember my first test of this bright orange online WiFi box, which you find as Skyroam Solis in well-stocked online retail? I mean, good friends like to forgive some weaknesses and also my little, faithful travel companion was not without. But at least so far, he has patiently and brazenly endured everything that an annoyed editor does on his travels. Some updates show that things are better, which I don't want to deny anyone.

In my view, the most important feature quickly in advance: the painful throttling after 500 MB of data volume per purchased 24-hour cycle (day) was eliminated in the middle of a very intensive use phase in North America. If I had first bagged a sympathetic system error when uploading all AMD images during the live session, Skyroam has meanwhile confirmed that instead of a hard-hitting capping, i would like to rely on a fair use policy in the future. It is certainly undisputed that this can save the very best in practice. Especially since I usually deposit this can in the left back pocket.


It becomes cheaper and with GoData also more flexible

In plain language, this means that with a normal user behavior, the whole thing can now be consumed unthrottled and you don't have to, nervously standing under the Golden Gate Bridge, with every disposted selfie upload to calculate the data volume in mind. Bad for gerhirn training, but good for well-being. If you compare this with the usual prepaid cards, you can only get away with it more cheaply in a few countries if you don't stay there for weeks. For a splash tour, on the other hand, the freedom of the network and data is a real boon.

The new GoData then hits this gap with staying longer. You get 1GB for one month and still remain flexible, as you could buy another or several GB of data volume at any time. At 8 Euros, such a unit is not quite cheap, but if you compare it again with what could cost prepaid… You always have to think about where you want to use the hotspot and how intensively. And for a lazy sack like me, the wellness factor also counts, because I don't have to line up at the airport in a shop for a SIM, nor do I have to exchange it in my smartphone.


The app goes off

The second, at least as important update, is the sudden appearance of the appropriate app. Finally, one might think, because the silly fumble when logging in with the browser on the smartphone was really nerve-wracking. Just get in the long queue at the airport after landing and try to move forward with hand luggage, smartphone and skyroam in your hand and connect at the same time. Milking for mice, that's just not possible. Didn't go to be more precise.

But one has finally mercyoned one of mine and now also pushed a working app, which makes me very easy to connect and also allows the rest of the handling such as querying status information or retrieving help.

Also the set-up is almost housewife-compatible and you only have to scan the QR code on the can floor. However, you should remove the sticker after the scan and remove it in a safe place, otherwise you can give the Skyroam away immediately, because the password is also easy to read.

Otherwise, the app is not greedy with information and of course the shop must not be missing, logically. After all, you have to live on something. Here, too, the handling is extremely simple. The website-frickel is finally history, thank you for that!




And to come back to GoData: the whole thing isn't really that bad. If I activate Wi-Fi telephony, I will continue to be reachable on my home mobile number, provided the right provider in Germany. Then you can run the landline thanks to Fritz! Box galant to the mobile, this is even more fun. You just shouldn't forget the possible time difference, otherwise it always rings exactly when you're just asleep again. I speak from experience.

The bottom line is that the Skyroam Solis has become much more usable and could appeal to all those who often plan short trips outside of Europe's roaming comfort zone. And before I forget it: the integrated power bank has earned the Lifesaving Order in orange with oak leaves for juiceless smartphones. Only the original cable is a little too short. But there are third parties for that…


Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Flash-Sale (advertising)

After the personal part comes some advertising, because it just fits so nicely. As part of the Black Friday offer, Skyroam offers 10 days of free internet (worth €80) for each newly purchased Skyroam Solis. This action is on 23 May. up to 26. Available Nov. And just as the madness of Black Friday is coming to an end, Cyber Monday is on. To celebrate the day, Skyroam is hosting a flash sale with Solis devices and offers a 20% discount on the normal price of €149.

Link to Skyroam

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