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A new era? Microsoft presents its Copilot PCs

It should be clear to many by now that Microsoft is very keen to extend its fingers in the direction of AI. It has become particularly well known for its Microsoft Copilot. Now the name is to be given to a series of brand new laptops that are set to usher in a new era. Namely the Copilot PCs. The aim is to offer customers something special (and of course take a slice of the AI pie themselves).

Image Source: Microsoft

Microsoft calls its new innovation quite immodestly: great. The company claims that Copilot PCs are the fastest and best Windows PCs. But let’s start from the beginning: why is this such a technical masterpiece for Microsoft? A new system architecture has been introduced that combines the performance of the CPU, the graphics processor and a new high-performance NPU. The whole thing is linked to the large language models. These PCs would be 20x more powerful and 100x more efficient in AI workloads than others. So they say. The target is Apple’s MacBook Air 15″. The battery performance is also impressive, as the device is said to be able to run for up to 22 hours on a full charge.

A special highlight of the new Copilot PCs is the recall function. This is a photographic memory in which things you have seen or done on the PC are remembered. The aim is to organize information based on relationships and associations that are unique to each of our individual experiences. This helps customers to remember things they may have forgotten, so they can find things quickly and intuitively by simply using the keywords they remember. There are also other interesting features for various apps such as Adobe, Davinci Resolve or Capcut.

The first Copilot PCs will come with both the Snapdragon X Elite and the Snapdragon X Plus processor. Microsoft has several partners who will offer these new Copilots. Of course, the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop from Microsoft will also benefit from this. The first ones will be rolled out from June 18, 2024. You can find a list of the participating companies below:

Acer: The Acer Swift 14 AI 2.5K touchscreen lets you draw and edit your visions with greater accuracy and true-color images. Launch and discover AI-enhanced features like Acer PurifiedVoice 2.0 and Purified View with a touch of the dedicated AcerSense button.

ASUS: The ASUS Vivobook S 15 is a powerful device that brings experiences to life with its Snapdragon X Elite platform and integrated Qualcomm® AI. It features 40 NPU TOPS, a dual-fan cooling system and up to 1TB of storage. Next-generation AI enhancements include Windows Studio Effects v2 and the ASUS AiSense camera with presence detection for adaptive dimming and locking. The ultra-slim and lightweight all-metal design, powerful battery and high-quality RGB-backlit keyboard are designed for mobility.

Dell: Dell launches five new Copilot PCs, including the XPS 13, Inspiron 14 Plus, Inspiron 14, Latitude 7455 and Latitude 5455, offering a range of options for consumers and business users that deliver breakthrough battery life and unique AI experiences. The XPS 13 is powered by Snapdragon X Elite processors and features a premium, futuristic design, while the Latitude 7455 boasts a stunning QHD display and quad speakers with AI noise cancellation. The Inspiron 14 and Inspiron 14 Plus are equipped with a Snapdragon X Plus 1, are made of lightweight, low-carbon aluminum and are energy efficient and EPEAT Gold certified.

HP: The HP OmniBook X AI PC and HP EliteBook Ultra G1q AI PC with Snapdragon X Elite are sleek and stylish, offering advanced performance and mobility for a personalized computing experience. Features include long battery life and AI-powered productivity tools, such as real-time transcription and meeting summaries. A 5 MP camera with automatic image cropping and eye focus is supported by Poly Studio’s crystal-clear audio for enhanced virtual interactions.

Lenovo: Lenovo is launching two AI PCs: one for consumers, the Yoga Slim 7x, and one for businesses, the ThinkPad T14s Gen 6. The Yoga Slim 7x offers efficiency for creatives with a 14.5-inch touchscreen with 3K Dolby Vision and optimized performance for 3D rendering and video editing. The ThinkPad T14s Gen 6 offers enterprise-level experiences and AI power for your work tasks, with features like webcam privacy shutter, Wi-Fi 7 connectivity and up to 64GB of RAM.

Samsung: The new Galaxy Book4 Edge from Samsung is ultra-thin and lightweight, has a 2x AMOLED display with 3K resolution and Wi-Fi 7 connectivity. It has a long-lasting battery with up to 22 hours of video playback, making it perfect for work or entertainment on the go.

Source: Microsoft


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Bin sehr gespannt wie die ARM-PCs den bisherigen Boliden von AMD und Intel Paroli bieten können. Klar, für High-End-Gamer werden sie wohl eine ganze Weile keine Option sein, aber wäre toll, wenn es zumindest für Leute mit nicht all zu hohen Ansprüchen eine Energie-sparende Alternative gäbe. Bin auch besonders gespannt was NVIDIA zusammen mit MediaTek raushauen wird.

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betreutes digitales gacken gehen :) B D G G

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„Dabei handelt es sich um ein fotografisches Gedächtnis, in der Sachen man im PC gesehen oder getan hat, sich erinnert wird. So sollen Informationen auf der Grundlage von Beziehungen und Assoziationen geordnet werden, die für jede unserer individuellen Erfahrungen einzigartig sind „

Auf Neudeutsch ist das eigentlich nur die moderne Art der Vorratsdatenspeicherung .... :(

Wenn das wirklich in diese Richtung weitergeht, wird aus Win 10 bei mir dann irgend wann mal ein Linux System.

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Microsoft: Copilot oder Bruchpilot? Redmond, übernehmen Sie.

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Bei mir auch, oder ggf. ein Mac.
Schade bin mit meinem Elitebook sowas von zufrieden. Finde die KI Werbespots spannend und überlege, wie "diese neue Technologie" mir beim Arbeiten wirklich helfen kann. Aber wenn dafür meine Daten meine Geräte verlassen, sinkt die Bereitschaft/Freude auf das Neue beträchtlich.

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Ki ist gut und schön und hat auch seine Daseinsberechtigung, keine Frage. Aber, mit wem ich MEINE Daten teile entscheide immer noch ich und da gehört MS mit Sicherheit nicht dazu. Mich nervt es schon wenn ich bei meinem WIN System, das ich leider wegen bestimmter SW benötige, immer penetrant darauf hingewiesen werde dass es ein Problem mit meinem MS Konto gibt. Nein, das ist kein Problem, das ist pure Absicht dass ich mit einem lokalen Konto arbeite. MS war nie vertrauenswürdig und wird es nie sein in meinen Augen. Ich hoffe die Anwender ignorieren die "Copilot+ PC's". Aber leider wird die große Masse wohl ohne nachzudenken den Marketingversprechen blind hinterherlaufen und sich mit Freude noch mehr in die Abhängigkeit begeben.

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Moderation: Gelöschter Unfug

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Igor Wallossek


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Microsoft meinte doch mal, dass Windows 11 das letzte Windows sein wird. Vielleicht haben sie damit Recht gehabt, nur nicht auf die Art und Weise, die sie erwartet haben.

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