MXL AC-404 Review – How a flat surface microphone frees the desktop and not only makes streaming easier

The MXL AC-404 USB microphone tested by me today is a high-quality condenser boundary microphone, which is equipped with three capsules and offers a recording range of 180 °. I bought the good piece for 77 euros in a well-stocked specialty store, because with certain things I trust, for example, Thomann and the reviews left there by professionals [...]

Edifier QD35 Review – Bluetooth monoculture in styled up and spacy

And no, that’s not some oversized underwater camera; it’s genuinely a real Bluetooth speaker. This beauty is called the Edifier QD35, and its street price is now 120 Euros (RRP 170 Euros). You really have to come up with such a design, and this piece was so distinctively different that I just couldn’t resist, price [...]

SoundPeats Engine 4 True Wireless In-Ears in the test – evolution instead of revolution! But in favorable.

We have already tested several inexpensive in-ears from the Chinese manufacturer SoundPeats, and so far they have all scored with a decent price-performance ratio and rich bass. New models are tirelessly introduced to the market and with the Engine 4, enough new features have been added that I dared to take another look. To the manufacturer itself [...]

Creative Sound Blaster X5 in long-term test with teardown – Plastic sound with highs and lows from a dark plastic box

What goes around comes around, and I was already a bit torn during the test 5 months ago, so I decided not to judge the Creative Sound Blaster X5 on my first impressions, but to run it in parallel with my HIFIMAN EF 400 for a longer time with various headphones alternately. In principle, not much has changed in the acoustically oriented judgment [...]

Solving “unexplained” interrupt problems: Message-Signaled Interrupts (MSI) against sound dropouts, USB problems & Co. | Practice

If the sound card drops out or cracks, USB devices do not work or only work sporadically or the performance drops, then interrupt conflicts are usually the cause. This is something that Windows users have long since ignored out of sheer convenience, although the problem is as old as PCs and has only shifted under the colorful operating system [...]

Sendy Audio Aiva – Magnetostatic Stereo Headphones Review – Lots of wood, but still a fair price and some trouble for the competitors

The Sendy Audio Aiva has me touched (and not just because it’s a magnetostat), and has made me wonder a bit both beforehand and afterward. But more about that in a moment, because I have to elaborate a bit more. However, why I’m testing a pair of headphones for 649 Euros today is quickly explained: I’m currently testing an [...]

Cooler Master CH331 USB Gaming Headset Review – Fits, doesn’t wobble, but has a lot room for improvement

With the CH331, COOLER MASTER positions another inexpensive headset in the very competitive budget range. The 45€ device is sent into the ring with decent workmanship and essential features. We want to find out in the test whether it is simply cheap or actually worth the price. Headsets in the €50 range are a dime a dozen, and in times where even [...]