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BIWIN HP SSD EX950 M.2 2TB Review – TLC in fast and cost-effective

There’s no need to repeat the war of the clone SSD sheeps with nearly identical Techvest boards, because if you know one, you know all SSDs. Well, yeah, more or less. And then BIWIN comes now with the HP SSD EX950 M.2 2TB from 240 euros and a different design and nice prices. This is even [...]

With hardware recycling to a DIY NAS at home | TrueNAS Core Showcase

  Overview and requirements You know what that’s like? In and around your PC there are dozens of hard disks, on each one there are different files, you never find anything and space is always limited anyway. Now, you could just buy a ready-made NAS from, for example Synology or Qnap, but [...]

KIOXIA EXCERIA 1 TB – M.2 NVMe SSD for entry-level use | Review

Toshiba became KIOXIA and now the EXCERIA series is presented, which moves in three directions: the normal consumer, enthusiasts and the upgradeers with SATA option. Some time ago, the RC500 was introduced, which even uses the same controller and is also available in stores as an NVMe-SSD for the [...]

HybridDrive on Indiegogo – The world's first hub with SSD "inside"

Our forum member "Mr. Gurke" contributed a user news today and wrote about the Indiegogo project. Of course you should be happy to share in this and therefore now like to leave the sole word to the forum activist and then I'm out… Do you sometimes feel that way? You only want to [...]

Patriot Viper VP4100 1TB NVMe SSD in test against a clone warrior

The brave clone sheep Dolly was yesterday, today come the NVMe Clone Warriors. In parallel with the launch of AMD’s new X570 platform, the first NVMe SSDs came on the market to support PCIe Generation 4.0. Well, the selection is still quite modest and it will be much more if you take a closer [...]

Micron starts production of HBM2 and plans to deliver this year

Micron's latest earnings report also includes information that the company will soon begin production of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2). Although it seems a little late for this, Micron's presence in the storage market is likely to leave a positive impression on the end customer. Micron [...]

T-Force DDR4 4000 Xtreem in AMD and Intel test – Came, saw and lit

The T-Force Xtreme series had been announced for some time, but now, in January 2020, the fastest modules will finally be available on the market. I was able to get one of the packs with the T-Force DDR4 4000 Xtreem ARGB and of course also test the memory bulb extensively. These kits made of 8GB [...]