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Micron unveils 256GB DDR5-8800 memory modules: Revolutionary capacity and performance for the next generation of computing

Micron has unveiled 256GB MCRDIMM memory modules designed for next-generation servers at the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC), reports TomsHardware. These modules offer a significantly higher capacity and performance boost and are ideal for applications such as AI and big data that need to process large amounts of data efficiently. The new [...]

SK hynix presents its new SSD, which has a lot to offer

We recently reported on the series production of HBM3E memory from SK hynix. Now they are going one better and presenting a new SSD at this year’s GTC that has it all. SK hynix starts series production of HBM3E memory The company is thus presenting its first fifth-generation SSD. It is called PCB01 and is a fifth-generation PCIe2 SSD that is [...]

SK hynix starts series production of HBM3E memory

Micron or SK hynix? Each claims to be the first, as SK hynix has announced that it has gone into series production of its own HBM3E memory and will soon be launching it on the market. This is the latest AI memory product with expected ultra-high performance, which will be delivered to customers later this month. The company announced the [...]

Moody IMCs, beware! – Corsair Dominator Titanium RGB DDR5-8000 2x 24 GB Review with Overclocking and Teardown

A test is always particularly exciting when you come across unexpected problems for which the test subject is not actually responsible. This was also the case here. A RAM test, even if it’s a rather high-priced kit, now runs according to the same pattern for me and isn’t witchcraft. But this time I found myself trapped in an almost [...]

CES: Ryzen 8000G: Dual-channel DDR5-6000 is probably the sweet spot

AMD has unveiled the Ryzen 8000G “Hawk Point” AM5 desktop APUs at CES 2024, combining Zen 4 CPU and RDNA 3 GPU cores. These chips are equipped with the latest Ryzen AI “XDNA” NPUs (8700G & 8600G) and are aimed at a budget or mainstream audience who want to play casual or AAA games without having to upgrade a discrete [...]

MSI SPATIUM M570 Pro Frozr PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD Review: It also works without a fan! Workstation benchmarks, teardown and material analysis

With the MSI SPATIUM M570 Pro 2TB, the Taiwanese manufacturer has now also done it: launching an NVMe SSD with PCIe 5.0 standard on the market. But does such a bolide bring any real added performance value and what is actually installed in detail? Nothing escapes my material tests in this regard and yes, the SSD really is ROHS-compliant. But you [...]

Corsair MP700 Pro PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD in test – Extremely fast and cool enough. Workstation benchmarks and material analysis included

Do you even need an NVMe SSD with PCIe 5.0 like the Corsair MP700 Pro and if so, where is the pain threshold for the price? Does such a bolide bring any real added performance value and what is actually installed in detail? Nothing escapes my material tests in this regard and yes, the SSD really is ROHS-compliant. But you could have guessed that [...]

Synology DS923 NAS in practice test – Very good all-rounder with many advantages, but almost nothing works without extensions

Synology’s DS923 has already been on the market for a year, whereas they already took their time with the DS920. By the way, long product cycles are more of an advantage than a disadvantage in my opinion, because the product and software mature without blind haste. With an AMD Ryzen R1600 as the main processor, four drive bays, two M.2 slots [...]

Order trick with Amazon: How the 1-day delivery of several scarce items with Prime then works after all (self-test)

The NAS article actually planned for today has to wait until next week, the delivery delays for certain components has unfortunately (once again) put a spoke in my wheel. But at least a nice workaround fell in front of my feet, with which you can also beat Amazon a bargain with your own stock. Sure, the whole thing is no big deal, but with a [...]

NETAC NV7000-t 2TB NVMe SSD Review – Complete Far East in cool and fast

The NETAC NV7000-t 2TB NVMe SSD is actually a highly interesting SSD, because it combines (like the already reviewed Acer Predator GM 7) a (still) quite exotic controller (that does without DRAM as cache) with a very special Chinese 3D-TLC NAND from YMTC. In this form, it is even (on paper) one of the fastest PCIe-4 SSDs without a DRAM cache and [...]

NVIDIA BETA driver provides significant performance boost for SSDs in DirectStorage 1.2, Gen5 up to 50% faster than Gen4

Compusemble recently released a new video using the DirectStorage GPU Decompression benchmark. This video highlights the benefits of a Gen5 SSD compared to a Gen4 SSD and shows how current performance is optimized by the latest version of the API, which is used in conjunction with optimized NVIDIA GPU drivers. The NVIDIA driver, version 535.50 [...]

Innodisk has the right idea for Gen 5 SSDs to make them passively coolable

Innodisk has proposed an innovative solution to implement PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSDs. Instead of keeping the M.2 form factor, they propose to design them as PCIe add-in cards. This would eliminate the need for oversized cooling with noisy 20mm fans, and SSD designers could instead use cooling solutions similar to those used on graphics cards. Gen 5 NVMe [...]