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AMD updates Radeon PRO Software Suite: VR grows and thrives

Such a new graphics card, such as the recently introduced W5500, rarely comes without a suitable update and AMD did not disappoint us at the exclusive press web event. With 4K content on the rise, the industry is slowly preparing for 8K, and virtual reality is more in demand in business and [...]

Because Intel can't deliver 2020: HP recommends old CPUs

HP Enterprise has spoken to colleagues at The Register about the current market situation and has also addressed the availability of Xeon processors based on the Cascade Lake architecture. The IT service provider gives customers who want to use such a processor in their HP system the hot tip: [...]

Second-generation Intel Xe may be as early as 2022

According to corporate circles, Intel is to produce its Xe graphics architecture, which is based on the DG2 GPU, on TSMC's 7 nm process node. While Intel has already introduced its Xe Low Power "DG1 GPU" and the Xe HPC "Ponte Vecchio GPU", only the Xe High-Performance GPU is [...]

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