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RAIJINTEK PONOS Ultra MS4 Mid-Tower Review – Lots of features, lots of light and yet no real enlightenment

With the ULTRA, Raijintek updates its PONOS series and brings features such as E-ATX support, a glass side panel with hinges and support for large components (40cm GPUs and 23.5cm power supplies) to the mid-range. Read on to find out whether there is a catch or whether the case equipped with four ARGB fans can once again shine in terms of price [...]

New standards: Cybenetics presents ATX v3.0 “Pass” badge

In the field of power supply units (PSUs), attention has recently turned to Cybenetics, a renowned company known for its expertise in PSU certification. Their latest release, a series of new badges, was specifically designed to fulfill the critical role of validating PSU compatibility with the ATX v3.0 standard. As the market experiences [...]

FSP Hydro G Pro 1000W ATX v3.0 in test – How good is cheap?

ATX 3.0 and 1000 Watt for under 160 Euro? Another reason to let my friend Aris from Hardwarebusters have his say (and picture) on our site, because he not only tested this power supply intensively, but also officially certified it via his company Cybenetics. There you can also find the equipment and the test setup. Since it is surely interesting [...]