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Are you venerable enough? Asus presents ROG THOR 1600W Titanium 3 and ROG Mjolnir

Igor has already presented a lot with some Asus announcements. I can warmly recommend the video to you. But of course, that’s not the only news from Asus. The company unveiled itsROG THOR 1600W Titanium 3 and the ROG Mjolnir at this year’s Computex.

Computex 2024: Asus mit X870, Konzeptboards und Peripherie

Let’s start with Asus’ power supply, the ROG THOR 1600W Titanium 3, which features GaN MOSFET technology, which should offer a good advantage. This should offer better energy efficiency and ensure a clearer internal layout for cooler operation. With the Asus patented intelligent voltage stabilizer, a stable power supply for the graphics card should be achieved, resulting in smoother gameplay and better performance. Anyone who wants to measure their power consumption can do so, as there is an OLED screen that displays the power consumption in real time. The whole thing is cooled with double ball-bearing fans and the power supply unit consists of an all-aluminum housing. It is 80 PLUS Titanium certified and has an output of up to 1600W.

Let’s move on to the next product from Asus. This is another named product that is dedicated entirely in honor of the god Thor. It’s the ROG Mjolnir, a power station that may be of interest to some. The power station has a 768 Wh LFP battery. It offers USB Type-C fast charging and a Qi 2.0 wireless charger with MagSafe compatibility. The USB Type-C fast charging is said to be up to 100W. The switching time is also said to be just 10s. However, for a GeForce RTX 4080 system, for example, the whole thing is only intended for 1 hour of gaming time if there is no power. The LCD display shows the real-time power consumption and the remaining power of the system. The Powerstation can also be charged with solar panels, as this is compatible.

For both products, there was no information on when they will be released or how much they will cost.

Source: ASUS, ASUS


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Sehr schön, danke @Igor Wallossek , also alles was ich in den letzten zwei Jahren an HTs von Asus in der Hand hatte war innen und außen solide und wirklich gut, mag natürlich viel den Seasonic Eingeweiden geschuldet sein, aber die Dinger haben gepasst, da hatte ich nie was zu Meckern.
Rundum saubere Teile mit toller Leistung, wirklich hochwertiger Verkabelung und sehr leiser Kühlung, die konnte man quasi Blind und ohne Sorgen kaufen, bin gespannt was die Tests bei dem Ding liefern.
Gefällt mir sehr gut.

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