Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK30 Keyboard Review – Surprising middle class

With the Skiller Mech SGK30, Sharkoon wanted to bring a mechanical keyboard for gamers to the market, which can be classified in the popular “good and cheap” segment. And if the sales charts of the comparison portals are to be believed, then not only has this goal been achieved, but [...]

Roccat Burst Pro Review – Smooth gliding lightweight

Matching the recently reviewed Roccat Vulcan Pro keyboard, there is also the Burst Pro mouse, which also relies on an optical trigger mechanism. You can find out how the lightweight did in the longer everyday test in the following article: Packaging & scope of delivery The cardboard box of the [...]

Roccat Vulcan Pro Keyboard Review – Attack of the Optical Warriors

In order to test something different between all the coolers, I switched from my tried and true keyboard with Cherry MX Red to the new flagship from Roccat with optical switches for a month. Whether it can stay and how it does in the test, you will find out in the following article: Packaging & [...]

Premium sound in studio quality: The new Shure Aonic 50 headphones in test

The Shure Aonic 50 is a circumaural wireless headset with active noise cancelling and is said to offer studio quality. At various retailers you can buy this headset for around 300 Euro. The RRP of Shure is 369 Euro, but a look at the website shows that the RRP has been lowered to 319 Euro. Scope of [...]

NVIDIA LDAT – Latency Display Analysis Tool introduced and tested

The fact that you generally use the FPS, i.e. the rendered frames per second, as a benchmark for the gaming performance, is common but actually anything but target-oriented. If you know my metrics in the graphics card tests, you will have noticed that for some years now, I have been using the frame [...]