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1More Spearhead VRX in review – 7.1 Surround headset with steep head tracking and some slanted sound design

With the Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphone, 1More offers a gaming headset that is not actually a headset in the classic sense. In addition, Waves NX 3D is a well-functioning tracking solution that captures all movements of the head and implements them exactly in the audio image. But in addition to this in the test further details, exciting and rare [...]

Fully against the wall (blasted): Logitech G560 2.1 system in test

With the G560, Logitech offers a new Lightsync-based 2.1 gaming speaker system that not only puts pressure on the ears, but also provides real-time Ambilight-like backlighting. The Anli... Default: Out-of-The-Box As we test audio, we have e.g. in the basic article "Gaming Headsets: Myth, Truth and How We Test" already explained in great [...]

Steelseries Arctic Pro + GameDAC stereo headset under review

Following the Siberia series geographically, it is now a little further north and after the frost-event of clattering ice nights, Steelseries is looking for the new acoustic pole with the Arctis series, for which the customer should like to warm up. Lots of A... Microphone measurement and sound check First of all, we can also measure the frequency [...]

Logitech G Pro Stereo Headset under test

With the Logitech G Pro you want to round off the current portfolio upwards and make everything a little better. But can this really succeed? We are testing the 99-euro headset, which, like the Kingston HyperX Alpha, is in line with the current trend.

The same: Creative SoundBlasterX H5 Tournament Edition in headset test

Introduction and scope of delivery If you want to stand out clearly from the previous (sound card) product portfolio, but don't want to do without introduced names and brands, just buy an X and put it in the back. From Sound... Microphone measurement and sound check First, we measure the real frequency range of the microphone to meet [...]

Roccat Khan Pro in headset test: overflyer, mediocrity or crash landing?

Roccat is currently offering a new headset with the Khan Pro for just under 100 euros, which now wants to be better than all other gaming headsets on the left and right of it on the shelf. If you believe the homepage, then the natural... Microphone measurement and sound check First of all, we can also measure the frequency range of the microphone [...]

Price breaker with USB rip line: Sharkoon Skiller SGH2 stereo headset

It is nice, for all the euphoria, one must of course first of all put in mind that such cheap offers should hardly have what it takes to become the subject of archaeological excavations of future generations intact. You have to be so honest about material selection ... Microphone The omni-directional microphone built into a gooseneck does what it [...]

Solid food for gamers: Corsair HS50 in headset test

With marketing, that's always such a thing, because that starts with the category. Semi-open or semi-closed? Depending on the head size and the resulting pressure, this is a matter of interpretation, but more. And otherwise? With currently just 60 ... Microphone measurement and sound check First of all, we can also measure the frequency range [...]

Wavemaster Two Pro: The Better Is the Good Enemy (2.0 Audio Test)

Take the very successful Wavemaster Two BT or Two Neo, give it more volume and amplifier power - an active pair of speakers is ready, which can be sounded from neutrally balanced to Mainstram bass-heavy everything and even on the des... Body and loudspeaker The very well stiffened body made of MDF is completely glued with simple foam mats on the [...]

In review: Sound BlasterX Katana – An evening at the sound bar

The Katana ("Shinken") as a Japanese longsword, like the soundbar, is definitely not a double-edged thing. And if one were to look at the soundbar without the subwoofer in front of his spiritual eye, then the slender, elongated part would be simmering. Measurements with different settings Let's get back to the presets and the [...]

And finally, rest: Samsung Level On Pro with ANC in review

Introduction and scope of delivery After several everyday tested (because often used) headsets with ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) it is only logical to write a test about these products once and to write a self-purchased copy on Rei... Microphone The microphone with ball characteristics is rather an emergency and is just as suitable for hands-free [...]