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Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro – Studio feeling and gaming fitness starting at 85 Euro | Secret

With the DT 240 Pro, Beyerdynamic has been rounding down the headphone portfolio for several months now, although this small but rather inexpensive headphone is, in my view, mercilessly underestimated. The current street price of only 85 euros implies the unjust impression of a cheap Chinese purchase, but this is really wrong for the DT 240 Pro.

Even though the parts are of course manufactured in Asia for price reasons, Beyerdynamic still has its fingers on the selected ODM. The abbreviation Pro even categorizes the DT 240 for professional use and it certainly doesn't make a bad figure when recording. Soundfully, I have almost nothing to worry about and a lot of overhyped gaming headsets should actually creep up in the corner in shame.

It will certainly come as no surprise that, despite all the euphoria, there are also restrictions. Nevertheless, if you stay fair, you can see at the end of this test why I wrote in the headline Insider Tip. It is certainly one. Just not for everyone. I will explain why this is the case. Before that, however, it's time to unpack.

And right there you will find the spiral cable known from the Pro range, a 6.3 mm jack adapter and a transport bag next to the headphones. Enough is enough, because you don't need more. The missing printed manual can be viewed online or just here at the end of this first page.


Optics, feel, comfort and functionality

Even if it is the usual ABS-dominated appearance, the material mix already fits. Silk matt black, but still no fingerprint scanner with archiving function. The design of the DT 240 Pro is emphatically simple and timeless, but functional and solid. One orients oneis on the rather portable character and purpose of use, but actually everything goes with it.

Visually and haptically, the headphones are not a diva, everything fits as it should and it at least remains honest. The gallery now gives a first impression:

But it is not only the appearance of materials and appearance that is decisive for the success or failure of a product at the customer's point of year. Important for the feel-good moments and the right sound are also the seat of a headphone as well as the adaptability of the joint mechanism. Because there is nothing worse than suboptimal or crooked shells, which in extreme cases do not even finish properly. However, the double joint and two axles on the DT 240 Pro never embarrass you.

The third factor is the headband, i.e. the handle with the covering. And right now the first problem is coming to me. The print of 5 Newton is ok according to the manual, but this is probably true for rather smaller heads. Anyone who, like me, meets the guard measure for thought housings with a hat size 62, will feel almost pressured. This may deter many now, but it is easy to remedy the situation by carefully stretching the headband (the emphasis here is really careful) and gradually bending slightly.

But you shouldn't let it go too loose, because otherwise the bass will be missing at some point. The next item would be the ear pads. Beyerdynamics advertises with over-ear, but even with women's ears it gets very tight. It's kind of possible, but sofa feeling doesn't come up. For over-ear a little too small, too big for on-ear. We are happy to go on a name search together, because I can't think of anything suitable right now.

In addition, the synthetic leather is soft and the foam padding is well contoured, but the pad even closes so well that after an hour you will find a microclimate of a different kind. But wiping out goes quite well and a pad change is still far from a broken leg even for coarse motorists. Depending on the head shape and size, the seat is therefore more or less optimal. That doesn't go from good to good. If necessary, you can still mime the strong iron bender.


What is nice and also meets the flexibility when used are the two 2.5 mm jack sockets for the spiral cable, which is surrounded by approx. 1.25 metres to up to three metres. Depending on the gusto, you can connect the cable to the left or right. However, the orientation remains the same.


Tear Down

Let's see what's behind the ear pads. The dt 240 Pro's neat 40mm drivers sit in a semi-open chamber where the front-facing additional openings have been glued with fleece by the sound designers. A total of eight screws hold the upper shell and shell together – record in this price range,

Inside we see: nothing. Relatedly, almost nothing. The chamber is relatively large, there is no attenuation. The connection cable to the jack is extremely short and you should be really careful when opening it if you want to do your own sound experiments. But I'll write something about that right away. However, I can spoil the fact that these 34-ohm drivers can build up a lot of pressure and are still quite level-proof. Provided a suitable source. As always, the membrane diameter is secondary.

The quality of the workmanship is very high, which also proves that quality management is also taken very seriously on the extended workbench in Asia and is fully under control. This, in turn, is not really self-evident and must be emphasised once again. So it's possible. Even in this price range.


Technical data

Datenblatt DT 240 Pro



Bedienungsanleitung DT 240 Pro

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