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A barebone against 6 CPUs – Which Ryzen processor fits best into the XMG Apex 15?

I promised I want to cover more production type Benchmarks, but I only had time for one additional one. Puget Systems created a benchmark with the help of Linus Media Group (Linus Tech Tips) and others. There is no other way to benchmark those applications independently from other reviewers, than to use this one.

The benchmark includes:

  • 4K H.264 150mbps 10-bit (29.97FPS)
  • 4K H.264 150mbps 8-bit (59.94FPS)
  • 4K ProRes 422
  • 4K ProRes 4444
  • 4K CinemaRaw Light
  • 4K RED
  • 8K RED

It’s quite noticeable that the scores the XMG Apex 15 achieved are matching and sometimes even exceeding high end desktop systems. For example, a 10900k desktop computer with a desktop RTX 2070 graphics card found in their score database, stand no chance. BUT there is more to say to those overall scores. Looking at the detailed score data we see that our live-playback score is the main reason for our incredible results. The reason for this should not only be the processors, but also (the GPU and) the high-end NVMe I run in my Apex 15. The purely CPU related “Standard Export Score” should more meaningful to evaluate CPU performance, even if it still relies on memory and GPU performance.

But still, the Apex 15 can playback 4k RED raw videos without any frames lost. This is simply amazing and even desktop systems cannot always keep up with this level of performance.

I have no idea how reliable those scores are in respect to repeatability. I guess scores can be off by 2-5% depending on room temperature, windows background processes, and so on. These benchmark runs take more than 30 minutes each. A lot can happen in this time. For comparability I also include two example i9 10900k plattform with a RTX 2070 SUPER in the following table. Think about comparability what you want, but at least I think the performance is superb, we are talking about a notebook here guys!

*The “Overall Score” is also influenced by the GPU, memory and mass storage. In my opinion it is not very meaningful for a pure CPU comparison.

**Link: https://www.pugetsystems.com/benchmarks/view.php?id=14221

***link: https://www.pugetsystems.com/benchmarks/view.php?id=13340

****Link: https://www.pugetsystems.com/benchmarks/view.php?id=14749