CPU Notebooks Practice Reviews

A barebone against 6 CPUs – Which Ryzen processor fits best into the XMG Apex 15?


Coming to the idle power draws we can already see why so many people report about a super loud notebook with nervous fans when they use a higher tier processor. Especially the 3950X is producing a significant amount of heat in idle, so the fans run above their idle level almost all the time in the performance mode. Only the 65W Entertainment mode can run this notebook quiet enough for comfort use. Because it uses a different and more silent fan curve.

Idle: CPU Package Power
Idle: CPU Average Temperature
Idle: Noise (Windows 10 desktop)

Browser test: Video streaming in 1080p60 & website scrolling

The same disadvantage can be observed when you do some simple tasks like web browsing, scrolling websites and watching video streams. Even such light loads can lead to noticeable fan noise levels. Only the 6-core Ryzen 3600 and 8-core Ryzen 3700X and 3800X can operate this notebook cool enough that the fans don’t exceed their idle state too often. But on the other hand, with the 65W Entertainment mode, the notebook stays relatively quiet, when you think about it being a desktop computer inside a notebook chassis.

1080p60 Stream (Chrome Browser): CPU Package Power
1080p60 Stream (Chrome Browser): CPU Average Temperature
ure 1080p60 Stream (Chrome Browser): Volume