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A barebone against 6 CPUs – Which Ryzen processor fits best into the XMG Apex 15?

In competitive games like “Counter Strike : Global Offensive“ we stress the GPU and CPU roughly balanced to each other. Even if this game does not require high-end CPUs, it is a competitive game which benefits from high framerates to reduce input and image lags as good as possible. In my case I defined a limit of 240 FPS, which puts significant higher load on the CPU than with 60 FPS. And you can see that in our plots, too. The package power draw is pretty high even without any complex scenes displayed, compared to the SOTTR benchmark before. Depending on what is going on the temperatures are rising and falling all the time. But as before we got a clear ranking in power draw, temperature and noise again.

CS:GO: Package Power (88W Performance Mode
CS:GO: CPU Average Temperature
CS:GO: Noise

To reduce the noise we could run in Entertainment mode. But using the 65W Entertainment mode we run in a problem with the 3950X and 3900X. They are so strongly constrained in this mode that I experienced sudden frame-drops to less than 150fps, instead of running in the frame-limit at 240FPS all the time. All other processors were able to deliver 240 FPS the whole time by the way.

CS:GO: Package Power (65W Entertainment Mode)