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The project

You already know the little “rocket jonny” in form of the Radeon RX 6800 in reference design from Igor’s presentation. For the sake of completeness, however, at least once the important key data of the card: the power limit ASIC Stock is at 203 watts, an increase of +15% would be possible. The default clock is 2250 MHz (set). Our rocketjonny moves to my living room computer, my leftover ramp, so to speak. The card was just too bad for me to sell.

Actually, the also very noble V56 alias “Smurf” would still have done it, at least for the few casual games in the living room. I also didn’t expect the card to fit in there at all. However, the RX 6800 reference is as compact as the old reference models and therefore fits into small cases! Only the height is slightly different, so this small difference already made the installation problematic.

The rocket jonny doesn’t have it easy in the case, because there is no fan for the air supply (the power supply is too long and blocks the slot), so the card has hardly any space, the intake area is blocked by countless cables – hard disk trays, a BD drive and a middle brace also block the last bit of space. To make matters worse, the card sucks in the very air that the passive power supply emits into the case. Two 120 fans at least suck out the warm air that the system produces. In the same way, a graphics card of this performance class and with 235 watts power consumption should actually not be installed!

If you thought that looks tight, wait until all trays with the three drives are installed…..

So, who can find the graphics card now?

But once everything is put together, it actually looks pretty decent.

As you can see, the card doesn’t have it easy, because neither the fresh air supply is given decently, nor is there space to remove the heat of the GPU. With the lid closed, there is not even 1 cm of space to the top of the case and the middle strut blocks a large part of the fins in the upper area. Normally, I actually prefer blower cards with radial fans for the case, which remove the warm air directly from the case. But that’s exactly what’s no longer available for the Radeon RX 6800.