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Crazy, funny, absurd and bizarre: The 40 most bizarre PC moments

Some ideas are so gaga and beyond good and evil that they are brilliant again. The situation is no different with the users. In our little Picture Story, everything from self-tanners to oil PCs is represented. Grandma's letter soup wants to be spooned out first - here you need strong bites. Ever really driven someone in front of the cart? Nothing easier than that! Test expression anno 1945. Who do you think has the greatest? Seat bleachers: Apple promotes bowel movements Still ask why the guy has such thick upper arms? There is no neck for that.... Sustainable PC in treehouse look. With this full-body PC, you're the hero at every terrorist party. Intel inside, user outside. And now the last one knows why this is called Windows. Sovereign Computer Wall. Or: How do I reduce my room by 10 m2 in style? Office sleep under the tube monitor. There's always something going on! But you shouldn't be a restless sleeper... Someone probably knocked off Tom's hardware. Only the frying oil is a bit inappropriate. This cabinet piece has something: you can watch high-spirited TV programs like Frauentausch & Co. at least rinse right down again. The extensive accessories suggest a more alternative teaching. Keyword playful learning? Beilied thankfully bereused. Push pins reinterpreted.  This is how each plinth keeps bomb-proof. This new-fashioned PC carrying bag is the absolute hit east of the Urals and is now coming to us. Here we see an original recording from the private archive of Jaques Pivot - the inventor of the function of the same name. Caps Lock for the hard-boiled Unfortunately, this new bread baking machine from HP has never made it to series production. With this converted 10,000 rpm. Hard drive surgeon T. Upfer has recently been grinding his scalpels and is thrilled. True - from some PCs and their components you can get cancer in case of fire. So it can be gambled off - and the myth of the cellar child is defient. Attention! The house is monitored by video! This American homeland security guard probably didn't hear the shot - but at least she should have pressed for it. And nothing against Apple, please - mere threats don't bear fruit here anyway. There should be people who clean up and clean their hard drive from time to time. Eyefinity times (impressive) different. Amazing that the plates all start. The new All-In-One remote control from Logibrett is a complete convincer. ... after all, a little fresh air in summer really can't hurt. Nvidia and Apple together in the new Bentley cockpit. Be Quietsch's new ground water cooling system is unbeaten in performance. Firewall? For what. If you lock people out as a source of infection, nothing can actually happen. This new parental control "Wladimir Imperator" from Uralmetallurg is now also available in pink. The same model is available in large also for critical parents. This PC of the brand "Cohiba 2.0", disguised as a cigar box, comes from the holdings of the Cuban secret service. New all-in-one fan: No more stress with noisy servers! Air pressure at its finest: This way you keep every PC cold. This would prove that the open structure is realistic and not only preferred by "non-worldly editors". With this low-profile adaptation, we say Chess. For now, at least.  :)

Some ideas are so gaga and beyond good and evil that they are brilliant again. The situation is no different with the users. In our little Picture Story, everything from self-tanners to oil PCs is represented.


But first the story of someone who masters Windows in his sleep – or who at some point a tube monitor rushes through the skull.

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