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Testing Sennheiser CX 350BT and CX 150BT – Minimalist In-Ears with Acceptable Sound

First of all, of course, you have to ask yourself how much money you really want to spend on in-ears, whether you are more brand-savvy, or like to experiment. For a street price of 99 euros for the CX 350BT and approx. 68 Euro for the CX 150BT you don't get too high, but you also have to be satisfied with the basics. The question arises: how much frills does man actually need besides a good sound?

Both models rely on a neckband, are very similar, come in black and white and in the end differ only by the presence or absence of AptX, the voice assistant and the app, which, if I am to be honest, you do not differ at all due to the lack of depth Missing. If you have blessed yourself with an egg-fon, you can't use AptX anyway.  The rest is excitingly unexcited, simple and somehow also useful. At least as far as the sound, the charging behavior and the runtime are concerned. But always beautiful in turn…


Whether it's the CX 350BT or the CX 150BT, the physical scope of delivery is the same. In addition to the actual in-ears, there are three other pairs of earplugs from mouse to elephant, which can be individually sold for approx. 6 Euro could also be reordered, whereby the two smaller sizes are almost the same and in the middle of it is Lent in terms of size, for whatever reason. The charging cable relies on USB-C, but is nasty short. If you want to charge the headphones on a non-supplied power supply, you really have a problem here, because the headphones then stick to the power supply and when the socket is close to the floor, it quickly becomes silly and dirty.


Incidentally, I see the lack of the power supply in the scope of delivery as rather positive from an environmental point of view, because anyone who is honest with himself also knows his excess stock of such socket currents. Let's do it better than the three musketeers and use one for everyone. Fits already, except for the cable length.

Optics, haptics and functionality

Two small tailpipes with the rather small drivers and the silicone plugs for ear implantation form the respective end of the neckband, in which two inline components hang. The whole thing is visually a bit asymmetrical, but in terms of weight quite neatly balanced. The battery part and the small control unit are usually large and light in class. Sennheiser writes about 12 grams in weight, i.e. approx. one-fifth of what an adult should consume in the maximum amount of sugar per day without a nasty diabetes emerging.

The parts are available in two exciting colors, white and black, if you grant the black the status of a color. Otherwise it would be all or nothing. The plastic parts are ok, the gap dimensions are also. As already mentioned, the plugs can still use a certain revision in the size grading, because for my eavesdropper not a size really fit optimally. The jump from tiny to sewer pipe plugs was just too big, a pity. But my wife at least quickly found what she was looking for. Did I write mouse earlier?

The operation is simple and simple, whereby both models differ only in terms of functionality. The CX 350BT has one more button (on the left side of the picture above, next to the status LED), with which you could also torment the voice assistants. But do you need that?  The small control unit is already quite fiddly and the safety when meeting the right buttons tends towards zero in the tactile blind flight. Here you have to practice through and longer until you really have the bow out. Which button then does what (if you find it) is at the bottom of the attached quick guide.

And otherwise? The small 28-ohm drivers harmonize quite well with the integrated sound solution and even play quite loudly. But I'll come to the sound later.  As far as the distance between the control unit and the plug, it could have been slightly larger. Asian minds and women will certainly be happy, but larger mind cases with hat size 62 upwards will constantly scratch their necks and miss the buttons at the beginning with flying colors and penetrance.

For this, the microphone on the back does exactly what it is supposed to do. The sound quality of hands-free is ok, even if you don't hear yourself. Noise cancellation does not exist and in a room with neat background noise, this solution will not be at the top of the acoustic food chain. But for the average, it's enough.

And how long does the part last now? The CX 150BT ran for a good 9 hours. You would certainly have managed the stated 10 hours if you had heard much quieter. However, this good number gets down on its knees a bit when using the CX 350BT AptX. Here it is still a good 8 hours, but that is enough. And when the battery is empty: you have the stress-free Type-C jack!

You don't have to write more about these in-ears in terms of optics and feel. Maximum the slightly thin cable gives me a slight belly grumbling in terms of long-term durability. Especially since I cannot assess the strain relief in the individual components, because everything is glued together. Before I shoot you with the data: on the next page it goes on, because I listened more extensively to both.

CX 350BT Specifications

CX 150BT Specifications

Quickstarter Guide



Sennheiser CX 350BT schwarz (508382)

Sennheiser CX 150 BT schwarz (508380)

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