Arrow Lake-PS is coming: Intel unveils new LGA 1851 socket

Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg offered exciting insights into the future of embedded systems. In addition to the official presentation of Intel’s Meteor Lake-PS platform by iBase, there was the first concrete information on the upcoming LGA 1851 socket and the Arrow Lake-PS CPU series based on it, according to a report by ComputerBase [...]

Intel launches a new wave of layoffs to bring about change

Intel has launched a new wave of layoffs as part of a major restructuring of the company, CRN reports. Because things are not really going well for Intel at the moment. It has not achieved its targets and for this reason Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger had already announced in 2022 that it would be cutting back in some areas, partly due to the [...]

AMD secretly, quietly lists two new APUs

An entry on AMD’s website has quietly listed two new APUs that have not yet been officially announced by the company. These are based on the Zen 3 architecture and are positioned in the Ryzen 5 series. Accordingly, the APUs are the AMD Ryzen 5 7235HS, which has a 4-core and 8-thread configuration and offers a base clock of 3.2 GHz [...]

AMD systems are also at risk from Rowhammer attacks

Most people know that technology is never 100% secure. One well-known method of obtaining sensitive data is the Rowhammer method, which has been around since 2014. Researchers at ETH Zurich recently published a report on the threat posed by AMD’s Zen 2 & 3 CPUs. But first, what is Rowhammer? A rowhammer attack is a method in which the [...]

Intel may sell chips to Huawei and AMD suffers setback

As Alexandra Alper from Reuters announced, Intel is once again allowed to sell chips to the Chinese company Huawei and thus a complaint by AMD to the American authority fails at the same time. But what happened? Intel had a license from the Trump administration at the time that allowed the company to sell chips to Huawei. The Chinese company has [...]

AMD Zen 5 CPUs: Mass production in 3 nm process from Q3 2024

The Zen 5 CPU architecture will be a big step for AMD in 2024 as it will include several lines of CPU families including Granite Ridge “Ryzen Desktop”, Strix Point “Ryzen Mobile” and Torino “EPYC Server”. All of these CPU families will play an important role and it looks like these chips will enter TSMC [...]

Ryzen Master Update brings support for Ryzen 8000G APUs

The popular Ryzen Master Tool from AMD, which is often used by overclockers, has received a new update to version This version brings support for the recently released “Hawk Point” Ryzen 8000G APUs. This enhancement is particularly noteworthy in that it shows that APUs are in no way inferior to Ryzen 7000(X) CPUs in terms [...]

The last gasp: Intel’s Core i9-14900KS Limited Edition with 6.2 GHz clock frequency and above 100°C including 400W

Intel’s upcoming flagship processor, the Core i9-14900KS Limited Edition CPU, has leaked inside OCCT and impresses as a true beast in every way, including of course its drinking behavior. There are now quite a few reports about the Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU sighting, as the chip has already been listed online at various retailers and alleged [...]

Ground on the wrong track: Why only certain power connector pins melt and we should rethink PCs | Part 1 of 2

Some things are accidental discoveries and are actually so trivial that nobody even bothers to question the current flows in the PC and, above all, to measure them. We only ever measure the 12-volt rails and are happy. But with connectors such as the 12VHPWR or 12V2x6 over 6+2 pin, the 8-pin EPS and the 24-pin mainboard connection, does exactly [...]

Intel’s 24-core monster: Arrow Lake-S without AVX-512

The rumor about an Intel Arrow Lake-S desktop CPU with 24 cores and 24 threads at 3 GHz allegedly comes from InstaLatX64. Although there is no official confirmation yet, it seems that the Arrow Lake-S CPUs from Intel will have up to 8 P-cores and 16 E-cores. The P-cores may not support Hyper-Threading, which could have both advantages and [...]

AMD Zen 5: The next generation of processors arrives in 2024

AMD’s Zen 5 architecture will serve as the foundation for the red team’s next generation of CPU families, ranging from client PCs to high-performance data centers. During AMD’s quarterly earnings call in Q4 2023, CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed that Zen 5 will launch in the second half of 2024, again representing a significant step [...]