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Best Workstation Graphics Cards 2020 (Update)

Update from 03.06.2020 Further benchmarks have been added, especially considering hardware acceleration (AI, rendering). In addition, the layout of the benchmark page was adjusted and restructured. Our workstation graphics card charts are a flowing process that takes into account the market [...]

From the schematic to the finished PCB layout – generally explained

I have already tried to explain the rough course of a development with an article. I also touched the circuit diagram and the PCB layout very superficially. Afterwards, Igor had addressed several details in the article "Why the performance increase of Nvidia's Ampere could be quite [...]

DDoS attack also paralyzes our server

Distributed network attacks are often performed as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which almost always use bot networks, i.e. "zombie PCs" of careless users taken over by malware. This makes a lot of things more difficult, as it is often no longer possible to make a [...]