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RDNA 3 GPUs: AMD reactivates Anti-Lag for reduced latency

AMD’s Anti-Lag technology is AMD’s answer to NVIDIA’s Reflex. Both technologies aim to reduce input lag and improve system latency. These features are especially important when playing games with frame generation technologies such as AMD FSR 3 and NVIDIA DLSS 3. AMD’s [...]

AMD GPUs now use NVIDIA CUDA libraries with ROCm and ZLUDA

It is common practice to migrate codebases from one project or programming language to another, as this allows developers to access a wider range of features and simplifies maintenance. In this case, however, there is an interesting development as Team Red has apparently accelerated its efforts to [...]

ASUS ROG STRIX XG259QNS Gaming-Monitor with 380 Hz

The ASUS ROG series enjoys great popularity due to its performance, appealing design and user-oriented features. The new ROG STRIX XG259QNS is no exception and is aimed at “hardcore gamers” who want to maximize their in-game performance by using the equipment they already have. The [...]

Samsung’s GDDR7 for next-gen GPUs: 54% faster than GDDR6X

Samsung plans to showcase its next-generation GDDR7 memory at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuit Conference 2024 in San Francisco next month. The company will hold a session titled “A 16Gb 37 Gb/s GDDR7 DRAM with PAM3 Optimized TRX Equalization and ZQ Calibration” to showcase [...]

AMD AMF 1.4.33: Linux gamers benefit from RADV support

The open-source RADV Vulkan driver has been developed to take a strong competitive position in terms of hardware support, continuous optimization and bug fixes. Recently, extensive optimizations have been made to the RADV Vulkan driver, resulting in a significant increase in ray tracing performance [...]