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Steelseries Prime Mini Wireless Mouse Review – Familiar in a small guise

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The mouse in today’s review is practically a hybrid of two mice I’ve tested in the past. Since the range of gaming mice for small hands is quite limited, Steelseries probably felt responsible to help out a bit. And why reinvent the wheel when you can just shrink the case of the Steelseries Prime and fill it with the innards of the Aerox 3 Wireless? Whether this graft also works well in reality, you can read in the following article.

As a refresher, here are the two articles on the “donors”:
Steelseries Prime mouse in test – minimalism meets performance and the nerve of the times
Steelseries Aerox 3 wireless mouse in test – feather-light and cable-free

Packaging and scope of delivery

Externally, the box resembles the larger model down to the last detail, and the orange-grey design typical of Steelseries is also used again.

The combined function of transport protection and attractive presentation during unpacking is once again performed by a precisely fitting “base” made of black plastic.

Also the included accessories are borrowed from the Aerox 3, enclosed is with this mouse thus:

USB-A to USB-C cable, wireless receiver and USB-C female-to-female adapter. Unfortunately, an additional set of sliding feet is once again not available. With the 1.8m long cable, the mouse can either be supplied with power via the quick-charge function or the receiver can be placed anywhere.

This is where the adapter comes into play. If you don’t necessarily want to use one of the rare Type-C ports or don’t have one at all, the receiver can also be easily connected with the adapter and cable, for example. under the monitor. Then it also only needs a normal type-A connection, of which you usually have considerably more available.



As usual, here is the overview of the mouse’s technical details, the sensor’s data sheet follows on the corresponding page. More information is also available on the product page at the manufacturer. A comparison of the size is given on the next page.

SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless schwarz, USB (62426)

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Die Maus im heutigen Test ist praktisch ein Hybrid aus zwei Mäusen, die ich in der Vergangenheit bereits getestet habe. Da das Angebot von Gaming-Mäusen für kleine Hände recht überschaubar ist, hat man sich bei Steelseries wohl in der Verantwortung gesehen, dort etwas auszuhelfen. Und wozu dann das Rad gleich neu erfinden, wenn man auch (read full article...)

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