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SHARKOON SKILLER SGH30 Review – Low-priced USB headset with above-average microphone

Disclaimer: The following article is machine translated from the original German, and has not been edited or checked for errors. Thank you for understanding!

With a price of about 30€, the SHARKOON SGH30 is one of the cheapest headsets I have used so far. I didn’t expect any miracles at this price, but was extremely positively surprised, at least with the microphone! Read in our review how the budget model performs in everyday use.

I’m starting to get a little creeped out that I can’t just rip off an inexpensive product from Sharkoon. Therefore, I must mention at this point that this is not a paid test and also no influence was exerted by the manufacturer.


What do I expect from a headset in the 30€ class? Honestly, a creaky plastic bomber that is a tonal disaster and whose microphone sounds like it was coughed into a tin can. Admittedly, if you approach a product test with such an expectation, then you can actually almost only be surprised. In the case of the SGH30, I was actually really surprised and that already started with the unboxing.


As usual, the packaging is kept in black and only the product name and the product itself is shown on it.

Instead of styrofoam or plastic, the SGH30 is held in place by a cardboard construction.

Besides the device, only a multilingual Quick-Install Guide is included.

In fact, the headset makes an unexpectedly good optical impression.

Everything takes place on the left side: connection cable, microphone, volume control and a switch to mute the microphone.

The cushion of the ear cups is made in faux leather and really super soft!

The temple is made of metal and at this and the next point I have to make a small criticism in the “wearing comfort” section later. He’s stable, though.

The two temples are held together by a screwed bar, so that there is no wobbling or slippery effect.

The inner “bracket” is flexible and adapts to the shape of the wearer’s head when put on. Although the padding is not as super soft as on the earcups, this is compensated very well by the quite soft adjustment mechanism.

The microphone hangs on a rather thick flexible arm and turns out quite large.

It comes with a pop shield as standard.

The 2.4m long USB cable with gold-plated connector is covered with solid textile.

In fact, the SGH30 doesn’t feel like what I imagined a headset in this price range would feel like, or what you’d expect from cheap no-name headsets. So I was positively surprised directly the first time.



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Finde SHARKOON immer sehr gut, sie bieten gute Hardware zu niedrigen Preise.

Habe schon oft Tastaturen und Mäuse von diesem Hersteller gehabt und wurde bisher noch nie enttäuscht. Momentan habe ich noch eine schöne mechanische Tastatur von Sharkoon auf meinem Schreibtisch stehen.

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Warum Mute da so ein winziges Schalterchen sein muss....War jetzt vorne oder hinten stumm? - ist im Alltag dann wohl häufiger die Frage.
Da geht mMn nichts über Hochklappen des Arms (im Rahmen von Headsets).

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