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Slight easing on the hardware market? Current broker prices for graphics cards, processors, motherboards, SSDs and hard drives | Exclusive

I recently introduced you to the hardware brokers and published some internal prices of the “grey” market. Because we now also know where the stocks come from, when for example even the official distributors of the graphics card manufacturers wave off and lie dry. Because, as we now know, there is a kind of parallel universe of the normal wholesale trade, where quite legally gaps are filled and stocks change hands without using the conventional distribution and trading channels. And it is exactly these prices that I can pick up and analyze from time to time.

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The principle and business field of the so-called hardware brokers is not even new. Whereas years ago such service providers were only known in connection with the liquidation of larger, used hardware inventories of globally active companies such as HP or Dell, these service providers are now increasingly using their own infrastructure and customer inventories to track down, broker and deliver new hardware.

The prices listed throughout the listings are all DAP (Delivered At Place), so they are not customer final prices. In the case of DAP, the seller bears all costs and risks up to the agreed destination, where he makes the goods available on the arriving means of transport, unloaded but ready for unloading. However, the actual unloading costs and the risk of unloading shall be borne later by the buyer. In the case of smaller quantities, where air freight is also worthwhile, for example, transport does not end until unloading. In that case, however, the seller shall also bear the corresponding costs and risks up to that point in time. If problems or costs arise during unloading or import clearance, they shall be borne by the buyer from the agreed delivery time or period. The rest is well known.

Graphics card price list

Two things are remarkable today: on the one hand, the GeForce RXT 3090 has completely disappeared from the lists and on the other hand, the new GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti don’t even appear in the list and aren’t even available for order yet. So inquiries are pointless. Here you can assume that brokers only trade things that really promise a profit through shortage and intermediate trade. Whether the margins on the aforementioned cards are high enough to make it still worthwhile for these traders can at least be put with a question mark. This in turn could indicate a certain easing in availability, especially as the prices of many cards have also fallen slightly. The MSI RTX 3080 Suprim X already costs 150 Euros less than last week.

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