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Patriot Viper VP4100 1TB NVMe SSD in test against a clone warrior

The brave clone sheep Dolly was yesterday, today come the NVMe Clone Warriors. In parallel with the launch of AMD’s new X570 platform, the first NVMe SSDs came on the market to support PCIe Generation 4.0. Well, the selection is still quite modest and it will be much more if you take a closer [...]

What is actually safe? The "unhackable drive" eyeDisk is somehow not

We live in a world where security researchers scrutinise many complaints. Supposedly leak-proof cups are thrown around violently, allegedly unbreakable objects are catapulted against walls and supposedly indestructible devices are torn apart by security researchers every day on a trial basis. Some [...]

Patriot Viper NVMe 1TB in review – alternative to Samsung?

What lasts for a long time will be really good? With too much euphoria it is always such a thing and so I spoil it at the beginning: it is not a revolution, but has become a solid NVMe SSD for the M.2 slot. But it took more than a year between the announcement at CES 2018 and the real launch. And [...]