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Light bridge instead of mechanical contacts: Gamdias Hermes P2 RGB in test

Software with smaller hurdles

After the download and installation, the program could not be started (Windows 10, Build 1803). I had to choose the compatibility mode for Windows 7 and start it as an administrator, otherwise there will be no response, not even an error message. A whopping 150 MB for such a small software package are also quite sporty. Once the software is running, you will also find your way around. If you are powerful in English. There was no real German localization.

You can not only record and manage the macros, but also let off steam with the lighting. From the moment you like the sound story, it's up to you. Try and judge; In any case, I found it superfluous from my point of view. Managing individual profiles, on the other hand, is quite useful and a real added value. Well, everyone sets their premises differently.

Summary and conclusion

Gamdias did nothing wrong with the Hermes P2 RGB and these new switches also have potential. It is rather the unnecessary little things that stand in the way of a better evaluation. What bothers me most personally is the ergonomic ignorance in the form of the fixed palm rest, which simply does not want to harmonize with European limbs in size and shape, if one wants to work with them seriously. This also includes the far too small pitch angle, which stands wide-legged in the way of a fatigue-free typing.

The fact that the software doesn't like the current Windows 10 build is also one thing that I can't let a manufacturer go through so easily so many weeks after the release of the new version of Windows. I know how to help myself quickly in an emergency, but the normal user certainly does not always. If only online software, then please at least up-to-date.

But there are also many positive aspects. The switches are in no way inferior to those of Cherry or Kailh when you gamble or type, that's the good news. On the contrary, we can certainly give praise and recognition to its implementation, because it is something new. And you have to show the courage as a fire first. Unfortunately, the fact that such a solution also saves costs indirectly is unfortunately not noticeable in the retail price of 120 euros. This, in turn, would have been an opportunity to calculate more narrowly and to sell off higher quantities. Sharkoon lurks everywhere.

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