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Intel’s Arc Control software is expected to receive a major update next month, as well as new drivers.

Soon the Arc Control software, which is now integrated in the graphics drivers for all Arc Alchemist GPUs and Iris Xe graphics cards (although it is optional), will receive an overdue update. According to Linus Sebastian, the update will affect the software’s display. It will no longer be (just) an overlay, which was the main reason why the software was so hard to use.

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Intel refuses to provide an exact timeline or any other detail, but they heard you [Luke] and everyone. They know the overlay sucks, it’s going away. We are getting a non-overlay single app that will have everything consolidated into one pane.

– Linus Sebastian, Linus Tech Tips

Intel has already provided the first information to the critics. According to Albert Thomas (AdoredTV/Tom’s Hardware), it is not correct to say that the “overlay” will disappear completely. The solution being worked on would satisfy both users who prefer the overlay display method and those who do not, without going into further details:

So far, no one has said when such an update will be released. PC Games Hardware, who were the first to mention that an updated driver is being worked on, revealed in a printed version of their magazine that the update is planned for February.

As we have learned from well-informed circles, a major driver update is also planned for this February, which should improve the performance in all APIs and also bring new features. Intel has already released several driver updates in the last few months, which primarily address the rightly criticized performance under DirectX 9. […] As soon as the “Wonder Driver” is released, you can of course look forward to a review (promptly on 

– PC Games Hardware

Source: PCGamesHardware, Liun’s Tech Tips:


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In Kürze wird die Arc Control Software, die jetzt in den Grafiktreibern für alle Arc Alchemist GPUs und Iris Xe-Grafikkarten integriert ist (obwohl sie optional ist), ein überfälliges Update erhalten. Laut Linus Sebastian wird sich das Update auf die Darstellung der Software auswirken. Es wird nicht mehr (nur) ein Overlay sein, was der Hauptgrund war, (den ganzen Artikel lesen...)

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