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GLORIOUS GMMK 2 Compact Review – Good modular 65% keyboard with interesting FOX switches

Disclaimer: The following article is machine translated from the original German, and has not been edited or checked for errors. Thank you for understanding!

While I had trouble with the ANSI layout during the last Mini Keyboard test, the GMMK2 already felt much more familiar in the customized ISO layout. The QMK-compatible keyboard with exchangeable switches should also go down well in the custom scene. In the test, we want to check how the dwarf performs in everyday life and what the new FOX switches so can.

Glorious PC Gaming-Race – the name might be familiar to one or the other reader. For those who are not yet familiar with this manufacturer, a short digression: “Glorious is a US company founded in 2014 for high-quality and at the same time affordable PC accessories. The manufacturer lives by the guiding principle that PC gamers are the elite of the gaming community and should show console gamers the “true” way of gaming. According to the statement, the product range of the self-confident company includes exclusively gaming accessories and products for the PC.”

Small keyboards are trendy, even if you resist the customized layouts, which sometimes take a lot of getting used to. Based on the GMMK Pro, Glorious now launches the GMMK 2, a 68-key keyboard that resembles a 60% keyboard in terms of form factor, but still has arrow keys on board. For the review, we selected a black model equipped with the new FOX switches, and as always, we start with the unboxing of the device.



The compact box confines itself to the hard facts.

The tiny keyboard slumbers inside, wrapped in foam and additionally covered with an actually superfluous plastic cover.

When you take it out, you’ll be amazed, because the tiny device weighs a hefty 900 grams!

At the bottom only the most necessary. Rubber feet front and rear, that’s it.

Of course, the rear feet are also fold out

The switches are once again attached in this model. The baseplate is made of aluminum and anodized.

The keys that are assigned twice per FN key are labeled on the front of the key cap.

With the number of double-assigned keys, changing the keycaps could become a problem, because remembering all the double assignments should be quite difficult.

The brand-new Glorious Fox switches are hidden under the keycaps, an own interpretation of the linear Cherry MX Red with almost identical key data, but significantly better lubrication.

The switches can be removed with the included tool and exchanged for all Cherry MX socket compatible switches with up to 5 pins.

The stabilizers on the large keys are also lubricated and interconnected, allowing for smooth and even actuation of the large keys no matter where you hit them.

The standard keycaps are “only” made of ABS and not quite as thick as comparable PBT keycaps, but they are still “double shot”, i.e. composed of two layers, and therefore do not wear out like the printed ABS keycaps.

The USB-C port for the detachable cable is discreetly recessed into the case, which prevents the fragile connector from snagging or accidentally breaking off – the ideal solution for me.

In addition to the illuminated keys, discreet lighting elements are also embedded in the case on the left and right.

The accessories are manageable: Besides a normal ESC button, a sticker, a quick-start guide and tools for levering out the keycaps and switches are included. Cool detail: The ports of the USB cable are in the Glorious color.


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Während ich beim letzten Mini-Keyboard Test Schwierigkeiten mit dem ANSI-Layout hatte, fühlte sich die GMMK2 im angepassten ISO-Layout schon deutlich vertrauter an. Auch in der Custom-Szene dürfte die QMK-kompatible Tastatur mit austauschbaren Switches gut ankommen. Im Test wollen wir prüfen, wie sich der Zwerg im Alltag schlägt und was die neuen FOX-Switches so können. Glorious (read full article...)

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