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Fractal Design Lumen S28 RGB AiO Review – More colorful, but also better?

Disclaimer: The following article is machine translated from the original German, and has not been edited or checked for errors. Thank you for understanding!

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At first glance, we have here visually a standard water cooling system before us, as we have seen them often. But what’s that thing in the radiator?

On the other side, the cable then reveals what it is: a pump! This detour around the Asatek pump block patent has been done by several manufacturers before, but Fractal Design is here for the first time to my knowledge.

If we then turn our attention to the rest of the radiator, we notice that despite the double packaging, it has a few visual blemishes here and there. All still within reason and not affecting function, but worth mentioning.

The round copper coldplate has an equally round area of thermal paste already applied ex works, an additional tube is unfortunately not available in the accessories.

All in all, the Lumen S28 is well made, and apart from the aforementioned flaws, there is nothing to complain about.

And so completely unlit in black and white, the AiO also looks very chic, doesn’t it?

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Es ist schon ein Weilchen her, dass sich Fractal Design mit einer Komplettwasserkühlung hat bei mir blicken lassen. Zuletzt hatte ich die Celsius+ S36 Prisma im Test, die konnte damals ganz gut abschneiden. Jetzt meldet man sich mit einer komplett neuen Produktreihe namens “Lumen” zurück, welche neben neuen Lüftern auch noch die volle Ladung RGB […]

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