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Fractal Design Lumen S28 RGB AiO Review – More colorful, but also better?

Disclaimer: The following article is machine translated from the original German, and has not been edited or checked for errors. Thank you for understanding!

It’s been a while since Fractal Design showed up with a complete water cooling system. Last time I had the Celsius+ S36 Prisma on test, it did quite well back then. Now they are back with a completely new product line called “Lumen”, which brings along new fans and the full load of RGB in the pump block. How the AiO performs in the test can be read in the following article:

Packaging and scope of delivery

As for the box, you keep the already known design in black and white. The front shows the AiO in colorful, on the back and sides there is information about the exact specifications and dimensions.

Inside, the usual sight of a bagged water cooling system with protection from a cardboard casing presents itself. The radiator is additionally put into a cover made of thin cardboard.

The accessories are quite manageable, besides the mounting material, only an adapter cable for the RGB lighting of the pump is included.

An additional tube of thermal paste is once again not included – unfortunately! Why the manufacturers are now so stingy with it, I really can not understand. Has a bit of premium smartphones without chargers.


Assembly and installation

Once again, this cooler uses the existing backplates of the AM4 motherboard. Before you do that, you just have to change the bracket on the watercooler, then you only need two eyelets and spring-loaded screws to attach the coldplate.

These are then hooked into the hooks of the plastic brackets and tightened. The installation is as usual easy and can be managed well with “only” two hands. There is no longer a fan hub attached to the radiator, this AiO relies on daisy-chain for the fans and lighting.



At this point, as always, a quick look at the technical details of this AiO, more information can be found on the product page at the manufacturer.

Fractal Design Lumen S28 RGB (FD-W-L1-S2802)

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Es ist schon ein Weilchen her, dass sich Fractal Design mit einer Komplettwasserkühlung hat bei mir blicken lassen. Zuletzt hatte ich die Celsius+ S36 Prisma im Test, die konnte damals ganz gut abschneiden. Jetzt meldet man sich mit einer komplett neuen Produktreihe namens “Lumen” zurück, welche neben neuen Lüftern auch noch die volle Ladung RGB […]

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