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Will Nvidia's new GeForce not arrive until September? Data Center and Quadro First?

The speculations about Nvidia's next generation of graphics cards do not abate and some people like to put their very own speculative on the frog-green biscuit stack every day. For once, I want to take part in this today and gather a little bit of what I have noticed in the last few days. And it's more and more like the whole Turing story and the individual stages until the real launch. But sometimes beautiful in turn…

First of all, there is the GTC, i.e. Nvidia's de facto in-house trade fair now in March. Anyone hoping for Ampere as a big, real-life bomb could well be disappointed. Much more than an announcement, AI and deep learning as well as data center will probably not come. If you ask which colleague was asked to the buffet at all, then certain faces are missing, which otherwise do not shine through absence at any launch party. The travel plans and holiday planning in companies and editorial offices are also often a nice indicator of upcoming events. Who remembers – just before Turing Volta as an intermediate step together with the tensor-cores was the big presentation and more than just a placeholder, but a nice exercise device.

At the end of July there will be the Siggraph 2020 in Washington DC and certainly also the presentation of the new Quadro cards, so as last time Workstation and Creation first? One can assume this, if one assumes the travel plans of many acquaintances. At Turing it was similar and I had the pleasure at the time to get a veritable frost damage in the form of a fat cold during the presentation in series one. Hot performances are always accompanied by extremely low-frozen stages. At least when the protagonist is wearing a leather jacket.

What followed was Gamescom, and that's where Turing was for the masses and a second appearance, which consisted of over 80% plus Battlefield V from what was already announced in Vancouver to the Siggraph. This is exactly the scenario that could be repeated this year, if the omens are interpreted accordingly. There is at least a lot of evidence for this. RTX On reloaded.

And what's there until then? Big Navi as a specter for Jensen's sleepless nights? What many hope could materialize to the Computex in Taipei in the summer. But Nvidia's informants have always been so good that you could easily adjust to the respective threat situation in the green chip lab. In an emergency, it could set up an interim solution in the form of the RTX 2080 Ti Super, which could withstand a much more memory bandwidth by a higher clock. In my article "Why the performance increase of Nvidia's Ampere could be quite enormous – the board partners already have to go into the practice phase" I had already more or less considered such a possible scenario.

And even if there should be Navi in Thick and Big and AMD grabs the crown – the joy is likely to last only two months. If…



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