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New, significantly faster Geforce graphics cards on the horizon?

Two new nvidia graphics cards have appeared in the Geekbench. The still unnamed cards reach a significantly higher score than the currently fastest Turing cards.



The larger of the two GPUs obviously houses 7552 CUDA cores, 118 SMs and 24GB VRAM. It remains unclear whether this is a full expansion – the speculatius probably assumes a full expansion with 8192 CUDA cores. The clock of 1.11GHz in the test leads to a score of 184096 points and is thus approx. 40% above the result of the Titan RTX.



The smaller GPU still has 6912 CUDA cores and 108 SMs. The 47GB VRAM read out is likely to be a read-out error. With a clock of only 1.01GHz, a score of 141654 is achieved. This, too, is enough to catch up with the Titan RTX.



For all the euphoria, it remains to be seen whether the leaked GPUs are actually Geforce cards, or whether the new Quadros may have been teased. The fact is, however, that the actual clock – if correctly read out by the test program – will be significantly higher for the final product. And when the cards reach such values at such a low clock, the serious changes in the production process of the boards suddenly make sense. Something really fast could come to us!

Source: wccftech