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XPG Summoner – Softwareless at premium price

ADATA XPG first tries out a mechanical keyboard with original Cherry switches, does not need to adapt to software and wants to cover all preferences with MX Speed Silver, Red and Blue. Recipe for success or lukewarm broth?

Even if the black packaging with red accents, inscriptions like "GAME TO THE XTREME" and "IMBA 1337" stickers in the scope of delivery scream too much "GAMING" for my taste, I can't deny the feeling of holding something high quality in my hand when unpacking. The foam rubber padding, additional buttons in red including keycap puller and soft palm rest complete the whole thing.

Specifications & Features

Cover plate made of sandblasted aluminium
Dimensions (LxWxH): 445 x 88 x 19 mm

  • 100% anti-ghosting on all buttons
  • • 7 pre-built RGB modes
  • • Programmable macros
  • Volume wheel and silent button
  • USB Passthrough

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The USB port is a nice push, but the speed as opposed to the front USB 3.0 could be better.

Attractions & Negatives

Since one or the other problem with this keyboard might be a complete dealbreaker, these points would like to mention right at the beginning: The small, white LEDs for Caps-Lock, Numpad and the gaming mode are bright, almost garish. Since their brightness cannot be regulated and the blindness in the corner of my eye has disturbed me, I quickly glued a small piece of milky tape on it. So you can still see the status, but bypass the involuntary laser treatment of the retina (well, it wasn't that bad after all).

The displays for angleing the keyboard are practical, but unfortunately not rubberized. This makes it much easier to move the XPG Summoner than to set it flat. Thanks to the two remaining rubber pads on the lower side of the keyboard, a certain grip is still guaranteed, but completely rubberized feet would have been desirable at the price.

However, the third and, in my opinion, the biggest weakness of this keyboard is the firmware or the use of lighting and other functions.
If you want to change the default red lighting to a different color, gaming mode is automatically turned on. This mode automatically deactivates the Windows key. So you can choose between the desired color of the lighting and the button, both at the same time are not possible. At this point, a software would probably have been very helpful.