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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FE Review – Almost an RTX 3090, but with half of the memory for gamers

In order to be able to judge the efficiency really cleanly, I also measured the power consumption in detail for every single benchmark, whose results we already know, which we could also see in detail on the previous page. But what can we expect if we now put the two values in relation to each other in a meaningful way? How many watts of power consumption does a single frame cost me per second (more or less)? The realization is quite startling.

Now you can add that up for all the games and show a cumulative result:

The result is a bit more positive in Ultra HD, especially because the Radeons drop more under the high resolution, but without being much more frugal. The efficiency also suffers from this, which is a bit of a revenge, especially with the RX 6800XT.

Again, I added it all up and lo and behold, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FE suddenly proves to be a pretty efficient ultra HD card. Also a realization.

DXR in different resolutions

Here, the RTX 3080 Ti FE wins over the other cards and we also remember the benchmarks and power consumption listing. In general, I would see the 3080 Ti already on a good path, however, we are also seeing a bit of a lucky pick in the GPU lottery here.


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