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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FE Review – Almost an RTX 3090, but with half of the memory for gamers

Sum of CPU and GPU power consumption

You really have to look at it as a whole, because more draw calls of course also drive up CPU performance and thus package power. In the first comparison, we see the measured power consumption of the GPU as an average value for the respective benchmark in direct comparison to the sum of the GPU and the package power of the CPU, each as a gallery for WQHD and UHD as well as RTX/DLSS.

For the curious ones I have of course documented all power consumption curves of all games and resolutions once again

Of course, you can do that GPU-only, but it’s a little further from the real truth:

CPU power consumption

I did the CPU power recording again extra because it is actually highly interesting and also gives a good feeling about bottlenecks. Again, everything in a gallery, you can see the respective settings in the chart graphic

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