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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FE Review – Almost an RTX 3090, but with half of the memory for gamers

Let’s start with the FPS curves of the games, which always look nice, but don’t give any information about the image quality and rather leave the user out in the cold when it comes to the subjectively perceived frame rate. But at least you can see which card is the fastest, after all.

You get a little closer to the truth if you look at the individual percentiles. In order to get a better overview, especially of the intermediate values, I have plotted the whole thing as a curve here

Now we come to what is actually even more important than the very granular FPS: frame time. But I don’t want to deprive anyone of the curves either, even if they seem a bit confusing at first glance. The timeline is identical for each game for all maps, because for this I use an intelligent software interpolation, which plots everything uniformly for the graphical output on this timeline, independent of the number of rendered frames and thus also the deviating number of captured values.

And because that still doesn’t say much, I’ve now used the much clearer bar chart for each game, which contrasts and captures what the eye can’t see with pure curves.

And since it is well known that the eye registers more than one would like, we also have to talk about variances once again. 100 FPS doesn’t have to mean 100 FPS if instead of 100 equally fast rendered frames you see 50 very fast rendered frames, 40 fast rendered frames and 10 lame frames. That’s a rather non-round story called variance, which is the difference in time that two consecutive frames have. This, in turn, must be represented as a bar chart.

We see that the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FE performs “worse” in some games than some supposedly slower cards. In these cases, a tiny CPU limit already comes into play when the draw calls sporadically falter. If you look at the values, this is not yet visually a very big drawback, but you can already guess that for this card the best base is just good enough.

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