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NVIDIA Gaming Celebration Livestream with Countdown

Will the wait for Nvidia's new generation of graphics cards come to an end soon? NVIDIA launches on Monday, 20 May. The GeForce Gaming Celebration will be announced at 6p on August 8, which almost certainly suggests a live presentation of the new gaming cards. So we can be curious.

After the new Quadro cards of the RTX series and their features were presented at Siggraph 2018 in Vancouver, players are now looking at what could be presented at Gamescom. And that, from a technical point of view (and price), could well have it in itself.

Details, further details and general information can of course also be found here in the live stream, which we have linked directly for you. At the moment we have to wait until the end of the countdown with details, because Nvidia is doing quite mysteriously this time. Since the board partners are also well-covered, all of us are left with the only thing left to count down this time. Here you can now follow the live stream with your voice output:

And if you want to watch the video without German commenters with an undisturbed original sound, just follow this link to Twitch:

The venue for the event is the Palladium, Schanzenstraße 36, in 51063 Cologne. And then hopefully we will see a real gamer card, the jacket will probably be the same in contrast. In any case, I am there as usual and will also report with Jacob.

We also like to refer again to our message "Nvidias RTX as custom models already at Gamescom (for viewing), Pascal also stays (for now and partially)", which also deals with the possible custom models and the anteaser within the framework of the Gamesom. Whether This is really what Nvidia is doing and whether maybe even a Ti version will be launched in the foreseeable future – we'll know soon. Well, hopefully.

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