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Nvidia presents GeForce Experience RTX – we have the information and slides | Update

What Nvidia has released so far, I have put for you directly here on the server for scrolling through and afterpage. In addition to the well-known features, other RTF-specific functions are added. But always beautiful in turn…

For example, Nvidia announced the introduction of Ansel RTX in its GeForce Experience software at Gamescom 2018. Ansel RTX uses the RT cores of Turing architecture to enable ray tracing capture and its tensor cores to produce high-resolution images from standard screen copies. Nvidia has also added some new filters for gamers to refine the individual artwork.

Saving an image in a game with ray tracing support does not meet the same performance requirements as smooth real-time rendering. So Ansel RT can send out more rays and allow more bounces to embellish a screenshot beyond what you would otherwise see in the game. However, this increases reality fidelity and the result is 32x shadow patterns, 40x reflection patterns, 12x ambient occlusion and 10x refractions per pixel compared to the same scene in real time not from bad parents.

Nvidia also uses GeForce RTX's tensor cores to extend Ansel support beyond what native SDK integration games already offer. The tensor cores now additionally enable to significantly and high-quality increase the resolution of a stored image, to access the EXR buffer for capturing a high dynamic range and to apply various filters for adjustment.

Ansel AI Up-Res – as Nvidia calls it – involves training a neural network with very high-quality "Ground Truth Images" on DGX servers. This information allows the GeForce RTX to capture a standard resolution image on the PC and calculate a much higher resolution version using the tensor cores.

The new filters make it possible to edit the screenshot in 3D without having to export it to Photoshop. For example, you can remove the background of a scene (green box mode) and replace it with something completely different. Since this filter has access to the Z-buffers, you can zoom in or out as far as you like before selecting them. Nvidia's example shows, for example, Agent 47, removes the Italian environment of the game and then presents it in a completely different place. Another filter added a llama sticker to the scene. The freely definable letter box is available free of charge on the house.

More than 50 games are currently fully supported through the implemented Ansel SDK. With Ansel RTX, this number then exceeds 200 allowed games. More than 150 of them do not have SDK integration and therefore do not support Ansel RT, the free camera movement and the 360-degree/VR screenshot capability. However, you can at least use the HUD distance, AI Up-Res, and the new filters.

But why can't Nvidia simply extend Ansel support to all games? According to Jason Paul, General Manager of Gaming Software and Virtual Reality at Nvidia, there is still a lot of validation work to ensure that Ansel works well with every game. A detailed test is just a duty.

Here again the complete summary as a slide:

GFE Editors Day Slides.For Press_Posting


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