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Mountain Makalu 67 Review – The newcomer among the lightweights with a very good sensor

The Makalu 67 is a lightweight wired gaming mouse with RGB lighting and the new PixArt PAW 3370 sensor. After using only ultra-light mice for over a year now, I don’t get along so well with mice weighing more than 90 grams anymore. And when I heard about the Mountain Makalu 67 I was very curious very quickly. Because the company Mountain is an absolute newcomer in the world of peripherals, next to the brand new Makalu 67 gaming mouse there is also a gaming keyboard in the starting blocks. This keyboard was shown for the first time on Kickstarter, where it had a pretty successful campaign. Both these products will be available by the end of this year. The Makalu will be avalable for around 60 Euros, if interrested more information about Pre-Orders and release date can be found here.

The packaging is simple but makes for a very nice unboxing. You can see that a lot of attention has been paid to the small details, for example the magnetic lid of the packaging stops when opened, thus presenting a short text about the design mission and philosophy of company founder Tobias Brinkmann. Behind this text you will also find all the enclosed paperwork. All in all, I just have to say that the packaging already made a really great impression, including the mouse, a silicone cable tie, a set of spare feet for the mouse, the quick start guide and a few stickers.


The Makalu 67 is, apart from the lighting, not particularly strikingly designed. It is completely made of matt black plastic and the back and bottom of the mouse have slits and holes to keep the weight as low as possible. On the left and right side of the finger rests there are shiny stripes through the material, which should provide a better grip. The material between the two mouse buttons is glossy and is surrounded by a ring illuminated by 8 RGB LEDs. Besides the scroll wheel and a DPI knob, there are four LEDs next to it that give information about the selected DPI level. On the left side of the mouse there are two thumb buttons, these have a dark silver color and a surface that reminds of brushed aluminum.

At first sight, there is no logo on the mouse, only on closer inspection, there is a small inconspicuous logo on the left side, in front of the thumb rest. The mouse fits on every desk due to its simple but effective design. Those who like it inconspicuous can either set the lighting to a static colour or even switch it off completely. And if you like it colourful and eye-catching, you can let the mouse shine in full rainbow colours. Especially in the dark, the lighting is very noticeable due to the numerous holes in the surface.